Carole Radziwill Thinks Dorinda Is A Manipulating “Troublemaker” Playing A “Nefarious” Chess Game

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Carole Radziwill Thinks Dorinda Is A Manipulating %22Troublemaker%22 RHONY

For once, Carole Radziwill is not trying to be pithy or clever in her Real Housewives of New York blog. Instead, she’s talks about the actual episode and gives us her take on friendship. Ramona Singer has been labeled a good friend. Here’s why:

“…She’s the kind of friend you want in your reality foxhole when martini glasses start flying. She might not have the best listening skills but her heart is in the right place… She’s a good friend to Sonja, by the way. Rarely do we plan or film anything where Ramona doesn’t insist, off-camera, that Sonja be included. She doesn’t do it for show, or to seem like a good friend on camera. It’s genuine.”

Bethenny Frankel has surpassed friendship and moved in the adopted family realm.

“We have family and we have framily. Bethenny and I are framily, and I couldn’t be more proud of her if I were her real sister…we skipped all that childhood dysfunction and landed right where we are now: “Hey, you’ve done something interesting with your life. So have I. We share the same values, work ethic, and shoe size. Let’s be friends.”

Then there’s Dorinda Medley. She doesn’t have a slot in Carole’s “good friend” category. According to Carole, she’s been too enmeshed in everyone’s drama this season.

“Doesn’t it seem that each season there’s always a troublemaker? This year it’s apparently Dorinda. I do find it amusing, each episode, to watch Dorinda impart her great wisdom with a  twist and three olives. Telling others, for instance, that she can somehow magically know what I’ve said when no one was watching.”

Is Dorinda taking words and manipulating them for her own purpose? Carole seems to think so.

“She works every tiny thought one of us has into a nefarious chess game, one where I, for instance, surgically and neatly “slice and dice,” to quote her boyfriend… Trust me, I’m not plotting. I can barely keep up with who’s mad at whom. Do you think D. honestly believes she has everyone’s happiness at heart and the rest of us are just lousy jerks, prying into private issues about boyfriends or family or health, ON A REALITY SHOW?”

She makes a fair point. All this “talking behind my back” business when you’re on a TV show seems like a nonsensical argument. Jules, for instance, accuses Bethenny Frankel of talking behind her back, but also complains when Carole questions her point blank about her eating disorder. There’s no winning with Jules on that subject.

“You’re talking behind my back” is so old school Housewife 101 drama… This one particular rule makes me laugh and laugh and then laugh again. Apparently, according to the Housewife Commandments, you can only speak of a person when they are sitting directly in front of you.”

Carole maintains she’s been completely genuine during her Housewife tenure.

“You know what? It’s television. We need to have dialogue, someone has to talk, we have to say something. But I am 100%. I’ve always been 100%. I don’t grandstand for the cameras. I don’t have fake outrage or indignation. No tricks, no screaming or throwing my leg on the floor. I ask questions… I ask the same kinds of questions I would ask any other friend.”

While Luann de Lesseps doesn’t make the cut as a friend, Carole still cares about her, you know, as a human being. Uh-huh.

“Oh, this dumb Luann thing. Luann and I are fine… Simply said, my friendship with Luann couldn’t withstand the assault. It was collateral damage. Fine. The good news is we all don’t have to be great friends… Luann and I aren’t close, but I actually do give a sh– about her…”

Yet Carole didn’t want to go to any parties where Luann would be in attendance, let alone a vacation to Mexico. She practically refused to film with her all season. But whatever. Last, and probably least, Carole mentions Jules by name.

“Jules found her voice? That’s cute. Funny how these women always find their voice in a public restaurant or party. It’s embarrassing. I tire, really fast, of sitting in restaurants while someone screams and bystanders rightfully gawk in disbelief.”

I’m not sure that’s fair to Jules. It seems like the resentment has been building, and she finally let it out. Since these women don’t socialize outside of parties and dinners where they’re filmed, where else is she supposed to confront anyone about past behavior?

So what’s your take? Is Carole being fair to Jules? Is Ramona a good friend? And is Carole really okay with Luann?


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