RECAP: ‘Big Brother 18’ — Who Was Eliminated & Who Won HoH [Episode 8]

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Victor has gotten the official backdoor treatment, but he may have a few tricks left up his Latin Lover sleeve. Is he clueless or genius?

The fall out from the POV Ceremony is expected. The entire house knew Paulie’s backdoor plan. BUT the 8-Pack is crumbling and they’re quickly turning on eachother. Victor still thinks he can scramble enough votes for Tiffany to get the boot. Paul says he feels bad, but he’s powerless. He can’t help Victor. Paulie’s ready to send all the disciples out the door.

Victor’s outside talking to himself. He says he’s ready to fight. He doesn’t miss his family that much. He wants to stay. Captain Camo thanks Victor for not putting him up as the Roadkill Challenge Nominee. Casanova’s new strategy is to get Team Unicorn onboard to vote out Tiffany. Victor tries to persuade Natalie but there’s no way she’s voting for her Spy Girls. She’s not sure if she’s voting out Tiffany or Victor.

Tiffany is planting little seeds of doubt about Frank. She doesn’t trust him and she says he’s a beast. She wants to create some kind of girls alliance with The Spy Girls or something. She’s playing her sister’s game at this point.

Bridgette and Frank are having a little Category 4 session in the HOH. Frank starts creating a little side alliance/relationship with Bridgette. He says they don’t talk a lot of game because he knows they’re buddies. Bridgette talks about how Frank’s a great gamer, and she worries about being at the bottom of his totem pole. Frank says he’s “buddy buddy with everyone in the house.”

Frank surprisingly (not really) brings up Tiffany. Bridgette spills the tea on Tiffany. Giggling she pretty much confirms Tiffany’s working the house against Frank. Bridgette’s confirmation means Frank needs to go after her before she comes after him. Frank turns on his charm. He’s trying to turn Bridgette against Tiffany.

The Spy Girls plus Tiffany are having a little “girl time.” James walks in and they go quiet. James’ Spidey senses go up immediately. He slithers up to the HOH  and says he’s concerned about Tiffany building side alliances. Frank agrees Tiffany is making friends in case she needs them. James thinks they need to keep an eye on her. She’s playing the game just like her sister. They think about keeping Victor. They agree Tiffany’s a ticking timebomb.   

Is the 8-Pack crumbling? Frank makes an unpopular move that may cost him the game. He decides it’s time to tell Paulie about the 8-Pack. Nicole says Frank is basically the 8-Pack dictator. He makes a choice. You go along for the ride. It turns out to be anticlimactic. Paulie’s not worried. It doesn’t go over well with the rest of the 8-pack. Da’vonne’s downright pissed. She thinks he did it to cover his own butt.

Frank’s stupidity makes his alliance scramble. Zakiyah, Paulie, Nicole, Corey and a reluctant Da’vonne think about making a side alliance. Da’vonne thinks the alliance is made up of showmances and she’s the fifth wheel.

A pissed off Da’vonne needs to vent. She decides James is the perfect person. A crying Da’vonne is pissed because she thought she had solid alliances. Now everything is blown to pieces. She wants to win HOH and press the reset button. James says they’re the only ones play honestly.

Time for the save me because I’m important speeches. I have no idea what Victor was talking about or doing. Bronte stuck with her annoying girl next door routine. Tiffany puts the crazy away to plead for her BB life. Do these speeches even matter anymore?

Votes were pretty simple. Everyone except Paul voted to evict Victor. Paul voted to evict Bronte. Surprisingly no one voted to evict Tiffany.

Julie announced the 9-1 vote. Casanova’s time in the BB house is over. They group hugged. Then Victor took his final bow.

He puts his bag down for his Chenbot interview.  She asks about his lack of strategy after being put on the block. Victor says he was a sitting duck. His relationship with Natalie was over. Obviously the house was against him. Julie puts his sucky game on blast. He didn’t keep any secrets in a game that thrives on secrets. He admits maybe his loose lips sunk his ship. He has no regrets, but he would play differently if he got a second chance.

We can’t have a live eviction without the goodbye messages! Paul talks about how many hints he dropped poor dense Victor, but in the end he had to save his game. Paul says he’s probably next on the list, but he’s not going down without a fight. Both Natalie and Bronte talk about how mean and chauvinist he is. Paulie says nothing personal. He’ll visit New Orleans after the show.

The Battle Back Comp is coming! 1 of the first 5 will win their way back into the house. Victor says it sounds awesome.

Time to see who’s going to rule the roost this week! The HOH competition this week is called “Kiss My Ace.” The comp will be played in teams. 1 player from each team will serve a tennis ball in their court. Each court is separated into numbered slots. (1-21) The player with the lowest score will be eliminated. If multiple hgs get the same low score all of them will be eliminated. Those not eliminated will go to the back of the line and the next player on the team will step up.

The competition begins. It came down to Bridgette and Paul. Bridgette won HOH.

With Bridgette as HOH, Category 4 is safe this week. How will Bridgette shake up the game? Find out on Sunday!

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