Luann de Lesseps Talks Confronting Ramona & The Ladies Bringing Up Tom’s Past #RHONY

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On the Real Housewives of New York, Luann de Lesseps actually has a storyline this season. And she’s riding all the way to the end. Love. Tom. Engaged. Okay, we get it! But it’s happened so quickly, the other ladies are questioning if this is the real deal. Sonja in particular.

“…I was still surprised when Sonja said she’d been “friends with benefits” with him for 10 years. Even if that were true, I really don’t care who he slept with before me! What matters is that we are very happy and planning our future together.”

The other ladies are equally as skeptical.

“Why is it that when I’m happy, some of the girls feel the need to bring me down? I know I’ve been spending quite a bit of time with Tom and have missed some girl time, but to call me neglectful and narcissistic is over the top, even for Ramona who never shies away from sharing her feelings.”

Maybe they are jealous—not of Tom in particular, but that Luann has found someone?

“I know that I may have seemed harsh when I called the girls bitches but that was how they were acting towards me except for Carole who surprised me with her kind words… As for the other girls, I think they are jealous that I found my soul mate and that I’m getting married. I expect my friends to defend me and to be happy for me (and not gossip about me behind my back).”

Ramona Singer and Bethenny Frankel think Luann has regressed to her early years on the show, when she embraced her Countess title and never let anyone forget it.

“Can’t they live in the present and stop dredging up the past? I have no regrets over marrying my ex-husband, and I’m not going to diminish the impact that being a Countess had on me, but now I’m excited to begin a new life with Tom, and while it will be different, it will be even more fabulous.”

Ramona was her usual two-faced self, talking about Luann behind her back. Honestly, this is Ramona. Do we expect anything different from her? The real question is, why was Dorinda telling tales, unless she wanted to stir the pot?

“When I went to breakfast with Dorinda and she told me how Ramona and the other girls were being two-faced about me, my patience began to wear thin… Confronting Ramona over what she said about me and my relationship with Tom was necessary to preserve our friendship. I would rather hash it out in person than talk behind her back, so that was what I did.”

I’m happy for Luann, and wish her well, but I am a little tired of hearing about Tom, the new Harry Dubin. And am I the only one who finds it strange that Luann never met Tom until recently? He’s been hanging around on the fringes of the Housewives for years now, and as Bethenny pointed out, they date in a fishbowl.


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