RECAP: ‘Big Brother 18’ — The 8-Pack Turning On It’s Own!

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The 8-Pack is in power. The left over disciples are scrambling. Paul, Tiffany and Bronte are on the chopping block. Can Paul con his way off the block?  

Victor thought he was slick not keeping his Roadkill win a secret. He told Paulie who turned around and told his entire alliance. The plan is still in place. Win the Veto, and send Cassanova home.

Que Tiffany’s freakout. She’s “super confused” and now very paranoid. Is she’s the target this week? She decides to have a breakdown of Vanessa proportions. Her alliance is left to the comfort the crazy person. All of them swear they had no idea Victor was putting her up. She has nothing to worry about.

Victor told Natalie the reason he put Tiffany up was “Because she rubbed people the wrong way.” He thinks he can get enough votes to send her packing and save the disciples.

Tiffany interrupts Paulie and Zakiyah’s naptime to spread her paranoia. Paulie says Victor is trying to throw people off his Roadkill win trail. She’s worried her own alliance is turning on her. Paulie and the others try to convince Tiffany there’s no conspiracy.

Da’vonne is seeing more Vanessa in Tiffany. She’s worried, and she’s having a hardtime working with someone so unstable.

Bronte has no clue what’s going on in the house. She’s wondering if Tiffany will be sent packing this week. She’s going to lay low this week and pray she stays. Earth to Bronte: You aren’t the target either. Natalie knows more than she’s telling Ms. Math Genius.

Frank and Paulie talk about the drama queen. (Tiffany) She might be a liability to the alliance. Tiffany walks in and they reassure her Victor’s the target. She has to throw the POV. Victor will pick the replacement nominee if she wins and uses it on herself. Tiffany isn’t sure she wants to throw the POV and risk her game for her alliance.

Da’vonne and Frank are in the storage room because they were just restocked with goodies and groceries. Da’vonne expresses concern for Tiffany’s stability. Da’vonne wants to keep their alliance together but Tiffany can always be replaced by Paulie. Frank admits he’s had a contentious relationship with Tiffany. On day 16 they had a showdown. It turned  into “Vanessa proportion” dramatics. Da’vonne and Frank wonder if this might be a good time cut the dramatic member of their alliance.

Paulie and James have a sitdown with Paul. Paulie spills some tea on Victor. It turns out Victor gave him a tidbit of info about Paul not trusting Paulie and Frank. Paulie goes on to spill everything Victor said right before the Roadkill Nom Ceremony. Paul is not pleased. Now he has to dig his way out of a hole. Beardmister says he does trust Paulie/Frank. Paul decides to cut ties with BB Casanova. Paulie thinks Beardmister is telling the truth.

Time to pick players for the POV Comp! Paulie, Bronte, Paul, Da’vonne, and Zakiyah are picked. Paulie picked Paul’s name. Instead of picking Victor, Paul picked Zakiyah. He did this to show his loyalty to Paulie/Frank.

After players were picked, Victor confronts his former ally in the kitchen. Victor tries to gage why King Douchenozzle picked Zakiyah but Paul effectively plays the dumb card. Victor is satisfied with Paul’s act. He jumps on Frank’s back and piggybacks away!

Frank is satisfied with the loyalty Paul showed when he picked Zakiyah. He blows smoke up Paul’s butt about how well he’s doing and blah blah blah. Paul knows he’s doing Frank’s dirty work. His goal was to gain some trust with the other side of the house. In turn it gains some safety for the beardster.  Now they worry about Tiffany throwing the POV comp.

It’s time to play for POV! Common Corey is the POV Comp host this week. “Welcome to the Toezarks!” The houseguests go outside. There are toes all over the place, and it stinks!

Here’s how the Toezark Comp is played: The houseguests have to go digging through the toejam fungus for letters. It’s a big scrabble game. Certain letters have different point values. (1-3 points) They have to create words with the letters they find.  When they’re happy with their word, press the buzzer and lock in the word. If the houseguests are tied, the first houseguest who locked in their answer is the winner.

Tiffany decides not to throw the POV comp. Da’vonne notices Tiffany counting her letters. Da’vonne gets squirted in the face by a bunch of toejam. Gross!

Here are the results: Beardmmister spelled- Slouched. (9-point Word.) Tiffany spelled- Twinkling. (10-point Word.) She didn’t throw the POV comp. That isn’t going to make her alliance happy. Moving on. Da’vonne spelled-Redemption. (9-point Word.) Zakiyah spelled-Duration. (6-Point Word) Bronte spelled-Powerful. (10-point word.) Bronte rang in before Tiffany, so she took the lead. Paulie spelled-Sustainability (10-Point Word.) Paulie rang in before Bronte, so Paulie won the Power of Veto!

Back inside the safety of the HOH Suite, Paulie and the non-disciples celebrate. The back door Victor plan is in motion. Nicole even does a little victory dance in Paulie’s honor.  

This is overkill at this point. Here we go again. Frank, Da’vonne, Paulie, and Nicole have a little powow. Da’vonne says Tiffany counted her letters, and didn’t throw the POV. They start rethinking their backdoor plan. Tiffany is a bigger fish for Da’vonne.

Bronte’s still clueless. Natalie hints there’s something big going on. Bronte sits there like Deerrr derr I’m the target? Wake up girl!

Apparently Paul showed his loyalty by picking Zakiyah for the POV Comp instead of his bestie Victor. Paulie, with the support of his alliance, decides he’s saving Paul. Paul’s gaming must’ve worked because he’s gained safety for the week.

Captain Camo strikes again. This time James decides hide in the storage room garbage can. Nicole walks into the storage room unaware of Captain Camo is hiding. All the sudden James jumps out and scares her. Nicole is really easy to tease.

The Fatal Five Alliance (Minus Tiffany) has a meeting. They talk about if the Fatal Five should be the Fatal Four. Tiffany is making her alliance really nervous. Tiffany (like Vanessa) is unpredictable. This is redundant. Da’vonne is a big “Send Tiffany Home” cheerleader. They should take this opportunity to send her packing now.

Victor is still confident he can get the votes to send Tiffany home. He has no idea he’s getting the backdoor treatment. Paul feels bad. He wants to help Victor out, but he can’t.

The moment of truth has arrived. He did give the three nominees a chance to plead their case. The speeches don’t matter because we know what he’s going to do. Paulie pulls Paul off the block and gets a big hug! Paulie throws Victor on the block. He forgives Victor, but he can’t forget last week. Victor was one of the hgs who tried to send Paulie home.

Paul says the only chance Victor is staying is if he preforms a miracle. Tiffany says she has the 8-Pack. She has no idea the 8-Pack has been thinking about revoking her membership.

Who’s going to be the third Houseguest send packing? What about this “Battle Back” competition? Find out Live Tomorrow night!!

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