Kailyn Lowry Spotted Twerking On Alleged Girlfriend — Javi Responds! #TeenMom2

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Kailyn Lowry_Teen Mom2

It appears as if Kailyn Lowry, Teen Mom 2 star, might officially be switching teams!

Over the July Fourth weekend, Kail was loud and proud for her new love interest, Becky Hayter, and couldn’t keep her hands off of her. Reportedly, Kailyn’s estranged husband, Javi Marroquin, is “not happy” by this latest development in Kail’s life.

During Kailyn’s backyard bash on July 2, videos were posted of the girls twerking and Hayter tweeted, “She’s gonna steal my heart there’s no doubt about it.” Kailyn later retweeted this quote.

Hayter then followed up with another post letting Kailyn know what she wants. “I want you to know, I really adore you” and “I should be your girlfriend.

Rumors of a romance between Kailyn and Becky first started after the two were caught kissing shortly after the MTV reality star announced her plans to divorce Marroquin in May.


In response, Marroquin tweeted, “I’m just gonna sit back and…” he tweeted with a frog and tea emoji.

Later Marroquin added why he wasn’t defending his wife against these negative comments. “There’s not enough time nor do I have the energy,” Javi said. “I will defend her to people that matter no randos.”

Although, the public display of affection between Kailyn and Becky, the Teen Mom 2 star told Mr. Housewife on July 5, “Becky and I are just friends. That’s it.” Adding, “We are not in a romantic relationship at all.”


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