Teresa Giudice Bursts Into Tears on Good Morning America #RHONJ

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Teresa Giudice_RHONJ

All choked up! Teresa Giudice appeared on Good Morning America Tuesday morning in a pre-taped interview and had to take a break because she was “getting emotional.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star became quiet when talking about her husband, Joe, who is currently serving his 41-month prison stint for his part in the conspiracy and bankruptcy fraud charges. Teresa stepped away from the couch, but returned a few minutes later to continue.

“It’s hard. We e-mail every day,” Teresa said. “We talk every day, and I see him every week.”

Teresa revealed that Joe is working as a plumber behind bars, taking classes, working out and has been too busy to call her. When asked about how her four daughters are coping, Teresa had this to say.

“They miss their dad, of course, tremendously, just like I do. They’re doing as well as to be expected.”

RHONJ will premier Sunday, July 10, showcasing Teresa’s homecoming from Danbury prison. When the GMA reporter, Mara Schiavocampo, asked if Teresa gave Joe any good advice, that’s when things got “emotional.”

“Well, he lived through the whole thing. I’m just…I’m getting emotional.” As tears welled in Teresa’s eyes, she turned away from the camera and apologized.

After Teresa returned to the couch, she was asked whether her future with Joe was uncertain due to deportation looming overhead. Teresa feels the opposite.

“No, I think our future is not uncertain,” said Teresa. “He’s gonna be home, we’re gonna be together, and that’s that I’m looking forward to.”

Schiavocampo said that Teresa viewed her time behind bars as “quiet reflection” and plans to get certified in yoga, open a studio and sell yoga clothes.


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