‘Shah’s of Sunset’ Star Mike Shouhed Blasts Brandi Glanville “She Lacked Integrity”

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Watch What Happens Live - Season 12

Brandi Glanville and Mike Shouhed are still going at it — and by at it we mean — fighting.

Last time these two were on Watch What Happens Live together in March 2015, the Shahs of Sunset star, claimed Brandi was flirting with him. Fast forward to June 12, 2016, and Brandi is back on WWHL denying those allegations.

Brandi told Andy Cohen, “Are you effing kidding me? He wore lifts in his shoes. And I had a boyfriend with me backstage. He’s trippin…trippin.”

Now it’s time for Mike to sound off about Brandi’s flirting denial. Mike says Brandi “lacks integrity.” But isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?

Brandi was on Watch What Happens Live and decided to talk smack about me, when months prior, [or] whenever it was we were on together, she couldn’t keep her hands off of me and was telling me how funny I am and how cool I am and all this other nonsense,” Mike told The Daily Dish. “And my whole thing is, is be real, be real if you’re in someone’s presence or if you’re not in their presence because I’m a human being,” Mike explained.

Mike claims to have learned a lot of valuable lessons after his failed marriage to Jessica Parido and he wants to share this new found knowledge with the world.

“It’s funny, I say this: I have integrity. I’ve made mistakes in my life, I’ve learned from them. I should have never been unfaithful to my wife, which she wasn’t my wife when that whole situation happened, but I learned a lot from that mistake because if you’re gonna do the crime, you’re gonna have to do the time,” he said.

During Mike’s time-serving, he’s now become introspective and judgmental transformed.

“Now, I’m serving my time. I’ve decided I won’t lie, I won’t cheat, I won’t talk dirty about people because eventually it’ll come back. This is a very small world we live in. Brandi’s a great example of someone who’s not being [honest]. She lacked integrity. But she should be happy I tweeted what I tweeted about her because I gave her some love for new show.”


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