Kathryn Dennis Vs. Landon Clements ‘Southern Charm’ Reunion Part Two Spoilers

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The Southern Charm reunion spectacle concludes tonight, and there’s little doubt that Part Two will be a doozy.

You can expect more drama between Kathryn Dennis and Landon Clements, the duo exchanging barbs over issues revolving around Thomas. Andy Cohen asks Kathryn if she would be willing to let her beefs with Landon go — I’ll give you one guess at her answer.

“They joked around in my son’s nursery about how I need shock treatment. She says that I manipulate him with my kids, and use them as pawns,” Kathryn says. “The things you said weigh heavy on a mother.”

Landon fires back, not backing down.

“You got pregnant. You used your womb to get on television.”

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The subject shifts to last season’s Jekyll Island trip, where Kathryn melted down in a tirade against Whitney, and Thomas’ Senate campaign went down in flames.

“I know why you had to leave. Because your hairdresser had accused Thomas of domestic abuse.”

Kathryn reacts like a firecracker, pointing her finger and insisting that Landon not speak of “that night.”

“That night? Nothing! You don’t touch that night!” blasted Kathryn, eyeing Thomas while mumbling, “You know what I’m talking about.” 

Thomas spoke out about the disastrous allegation at the time, via Facebook.

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Tune in tonight at 10:00 pm ET for the high-drama fun — as we wave goodbye to the third season of Southern Charm.


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