RECAP: ‘Big Brother 18’ — Delusional Messiah’s Gone; Who Won HOH? [Episode 6]

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Natalie feels so blindsided after Jozea’s eviction. She says the tensions are high. Team Unicorn has to win, but then she loses her balance and falls. She says she’s been a dancer/competitor her entire life. So humiliating.

King Douchenozzle is so pissed. His “homegirl” Jozea left. He’s upset people didn’t vote the way he expected them to. He has to win HOH because clearly people can’t be trusted. Hey Paul, welcome to Big Brother dude.

Right before the HOH comp, Frank pulls Victor into the Storage Room and “drops a bomb.” Frank admits to voting out Jozea. He says he had to because Jozea would keep a target on their back. Frank explains to us, he plans on sending the second disciple in command home right behind his Messiah. He wants Victor to think they’re working together.

Victor feels alone in the house. He knows he has to win to ensure his safety. He’s worried about Paulie coming after him. Frank totally lied and said Paulie’s cool with Victor voting him out.

Frank says sending the Messiah home is step 1. Step 2 is making sure the right person wins HOH. He has to make sure Team Unicorn does not win or Victor is safe.

Nicole is relying on her alliance because she can’t play this week. Her team is workin’ it. Corey is jumping (literally) and Tiffany is huffing it. Corey thinks taking the shorter way is too big of a risk. Tiffany is exhausted, so she decides to jump and leaves the comp in Corey’s hands. Corey takes a big risk going the shorter route and falls. Freakazoids are the first team eliminated.  

Paul is frustrated. His team is going slower than his grandma. Zakiyah believes in slow and steady. Da’vonne is going a bit faster than Zakiyah, but she’s still moving at a snails pace. Paul’s beard is giving annoying advice. It’s not helping.

At this point it’s neck and neck.

James decides it’s time to throw the comp. He says it’s not always good strategy to win a comp. He wants to throw it because the targets this week are on his team. James masterfully falls leaving Team Unicorn behind.

Category Four is now in the lead. They decide to send Paulie for the final berry. Frank wants to reward Paulie for spending a week in the hot seat. Paulie brings back the blue berry. Paulie wins HOH! Category Four is also safe for the week.

Paulie is “reppin’ the Calafiore name.” He’s ready to put other people in the hot seat. Frank’s happy to let Paulie get his hands dirty.

The disciples aren’t very happy about Paulie’s win. Paul and his beard thinks the BB Universe hates him. Bronte and King Douchenozzle agree. James definitely threw the comp.

Victor isn’t just a hot body. He’s a sensitive soul. He’s devastated Jozea went home. Victor, Jozea didn’t die. You’ll see him very soon.

Queen of the DR Da’vonne is happy to let the others battle this week while she sits back and watches from her safe spot.

After his big win, Paulie is pumped the plan’s going as planned. He’s ready to send the disciples right out the door.

The 8-Pack does a little victory dance. James is going to lay low this week while his team sits in the hotseat. James says Victor and Bronte are targets this week.

The disciples are trying to figure out who their Judas is. Bronte swears it’s not Natalie. (Who was just secured safety by James.) Paul is realizing no one can be trusted. The brain trusts figure they have 2 Judases in their mist. Da’vonne and Zakiyah betrayed them. Did they deny them 3 times? Bronte is in panic mode. Paul says he’s going “gorilla mode” in the POV comp. He’ll figure it all out.  Victor and Paul are determined to win the “BB Roadkill” comp so they don’t go up as a third nominee.

Casanova Victor decides it’s time to talk to Paulie. He wants to know where his head’s at. He promises Jozea level loyalty. He doesn’t want the girls to take over. Paulie wants to know where Natalie stands. Victor says he doesn’t know. Bronte appears out of nowhere and promises Paulie safety if she wins HOH. Paulie wasn’t convinced. He’s now figuring out if Victor is going out the frontdoor or backdoor.

King Douchenozzle, Common Corey and Paulie are up in HOH talking about Paul’s options. Paulie tries to build some trust with the beardmister while creating a rift in the two disciples friendship. Paulie basically tells Paul who his target is. Paul has no choice but to go along with Paulie’s plan. Paul agrees to be a pawn.

There’s a little James flirt segment. James flirts with anyone with Boobs in the house. That was the point in the segment.

The nomination ceremony takes place. Paulie makes his nominations. Disciples Bronte and Paul are nominated. Paulie’s plan is to make Victor feel safe. Casanova Victor is getting the backdoor treatment.

Reactions from the disciples aren’t shocking to the common viewer. Bronte is ready to change her strategy. Apparently being a disciple is hurting her game. She’s going all feminist. Trust none of the boys! King Douchenozzle isn’t shocked. He’s ready to use this to his advantage. Victor is close to figuring out the plan. Paul wants Victor to trust him, and stay calm. If Victor blows up, it destroys Paul’s game as well.

Is it really shocking Corey is obsessed with Baking and Christmas decorating? It was a pretty funny.

Natalie and James are pulling a prank on Bronte. James hid in her bed. James popped out and scared her. Natalie couldn’t stop giggling. Bronte fell for it.

Time for the “BB Roadkill” Competition. To win the BB Roadkill Comp. They have to mark 6 items to return for gas money  that equals exactly $18. The hg that does this task the fastest wins.

Some of the houseguests were frustrated they couldn’t complete the comp fast enough. Tiffany was pressured because she’s a high school math teacher. James just wanted a calculator. Da’vonne was frustrated because she’s a Poker Dealer. Casanova wasn’t worried. He’s more than just a pretty face. He was a finance major. They opened their tackle boxes. Who won? Victor.

Victor decides to do exactly the opposite of Frank’s BB Roadkill strategy. Everyone knows he won. He still thinks Frank is an ally. HA! Victor tries to use it to his advantage by letting a few 8-Pack alliance help him decide on the third nominee.

The houseguests are called to the living room. Everyone is nervous. Who was the third nominee? Tiffany. Shocker Victor nominated a girl. Tiffany is depending on her alliance to keep her safe.

How will Tiffany react to her nomination? Will she go all “Vanessa” on the house? Who will win POV? Will Casanova get backdoored? Find out on Wednesday!

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