Heather Dubrow Does Not Blame Vicki for Brooks’ Actions, Just Her Involvement #RHOC

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At Heather Dubrow’s yacht dinner party, Vicki Gunvalson took a moment to pull Heather aside for a little one-on-one. What would a Real Housewives of Orange County party be without some kind of sit down?

Vicki took me aside to chat on the boat. I wasn’t expecting this — but basically, I want her to take accountability for her part of the scam of last year. I don’t blame her for Brooks‘ actions — just her involvement. Clearly she’s not going to own any of it. She said last year at the reunion that she lied and then she took it back and said she had no involvement. It’s exhausting.”

I’ve been hoping Vicki would get her comeuppance this season, but so far, she’s just hoping everyone will get over her big fat lies. I wish I had a dollar for every time one of the Housewives wants to “move forward.” I’d be a rich woman!

But Heather has more pressing things to worry about than Vicki’s ever-changing stories. Like her family vacay!

Terry is working so hard and SO many hours because of his schedule this year for Botched! He is traveling as well and it’s certainly taking its toll on everyone…. Packing for Turks and Caicos! Our family needs this break so badly! Especially Terry!”

Now, maybe it’s just me, and maybe I’m reading into things, but it seems that Terry is more distant from his family than ever. And I’m not just talking about his crazy work schedule. Even when he’s home, he isn’t present or attentive. And he remains unrepentant for neglecting his kids.

“I was sad to hear Terry say he doesn’t feel guilty about spending more time with the kids. I love that he’s having the time of his life and he’s fulfilled professionally and creatively — but I’m worried that he will realize down the road how much he’s missed with them and have regrets.”

I’d be more than sad. I’d see that statement as a huge red flag. But like I said, maybe I’m reading into the situation?

Despite Terry’s distance, the family had a blast. And why wouldn’t they? It looked like an awesome way to spend a couple of weeks.

“Beaches Resort in Turks and Caicos is so fun! We had one of the best trips ever! Despite the little scene of Coco destroying the sand castle (which is actually quite fun…) she was GREAT! They treated us like royalty…”

What’s your take? Are Terry’s work distractions fracturing his family? And will Vicki ever admit she had a hand in the cancer scam?


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