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Kelly Dodd Restraining Order Domestic Violence Dispute With Husband Michael #RHOC

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Kelly dodd and husband rhoc

On last week’s Real Housewives of Orange County, we learned that Kelly and Michael Dodd have certainly had their marital ups and downs. During Meghan Edmonds’ kitchen demo party, Kelly shared with some of the ladies that the couple was set to divorce a few years ago, but about-faced, wanting to keep their family in tact. Kelly decided that remaining in a marriage with a rich guy is easier—even one clinically labeled with narcissistic personality disorder.

It turns out that Kelly has a label of her own — restraining order recipient.

In July of 2014, Kelly’s husband Michael filed a restraining order on the reality star, following a violent argument. A few days later, Michael requested a protective order, asking to have “no personal, electronic, telephonic or written contact,” with Kelly. Additionally, he wanted his wife to stay 100 yards away.

What was Kelly charged with?

Kelly Denise Dodd did willfully and unlawfully inflict corporal injury resulting in a traumatic condition upon [Michael Dodd], who was the spouse of the defendant,” the court papers read of the July 6, 2014 arrest.

But on July 28, Michael had a change of heart and modified the report. He asked for, “peaceful contact with the protected persons named above only for the safe exchange of children for court-ordered visitation.”

The protective order was terminated on February 4, 2015, after Kelly successfully completed 10 AA classes and six months of therapy.

On the last RHOC episode, Kelly casually compared marriage to her  husband as being with someone “like Hitler.” Kelly filed for divorce in 2012, but reconciled with Michael two years later.

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