EXCLUSIVE: Tamra Judge Accused of Smear Campaigns & Scheming To Get Co-Stars Fired #RHOC

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Tamra Judge_Gretchen_Vicki_RHOC

Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge have amped their seasonal squabble  from The Real Housewives of Orange County, and made the press their real-time battleground.

Tamra Judge threw the first verbal punch, when she predicted on Monday’s Watch What Happens Live, that Vicki will reunite with alleged cancer scammer, Brooks Ayers, snarking that she can’t resist bad boys. The gloves came off, and the duo has been throwing down on social media, and publicly pummeling each other, ever since.

Tamra deleted tweet about Vicki - RHOC

Tamra is out for blood, and is pushing to have Vicki’s head tossed into the Bravo castoff dumpster. According to a close-to-the feud insider, Tamra has a pattern for behind the scenes manipulation, designed to body-slam the undesirables out of the Bravo spotlight. Tamra wants Vicki gone — but is using a tired game, to accomplish a futile mission.

A source has come forward to expose Judge for her pattern of slyly begging for favors, in order to get rid of women who threaten her position, thwart an objective, or even just look at her sideways.

The insider provided proof, revealing a private Facebook message which reveals a busy Tamra Judge, scurrying around in the back alleys of social media.

“During season 6, Tamra sent me a message on Facebook, with a link to an article slamming Slade’s child support issues. She asked me to post the article on her Fan Facebook page. She wanted me to do it so she wouldn’t look like a b*tch, if she posted it herself.”

The source added, “Tamra wanted Gretchen off the show really bad.”

Fast-forward to Season 11 — and the landscape is looking eerily familiar to our snitch, who has been keeping an eye on the social media fireworks. Our source was friendly with both Tamra and Vicki back in the day, and remembers what prize was behind Tamra’s shady scheme, to get rid of Gretchen Rossi.

Tamra wanted Gretchen fired out of sheer jealously. She wanted her out of the way so she could get her wedding spinoff,” the insider spills.

Tamra’s marriage is fake,” the source continues. “Tamra promised Eddie that she would get him out of foreclosure and give him a gym, if he married her. So she got Gretchen and Slade canned, and scored her wedding spinoff.

Below is the actual private Facebook exchange between Tamra and the RHOC fan.

Tamra private messages 2- rhoc

The article Tamra requested to be shared on her Fan Facebook page is titled, “War Breaks Out In Court At Slade Smiley Child Support Hearing.”

RHOC_tamra judge

Tamra caught wind of her old confidant onto her game, and tried to shut it down. Her rinse and repeat game was clear.

RHOC_tamra judge private messages

Stay tuned — because Vicki Gunvalson is here to stay, and things are getting down and dirty, in the OC.


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