RECAP: ‘Big Brother 18’ — First Live Eviction, A Houseguest Is Bested By His Arrogance; A New Twist Unveiled [Episode 5]

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RECAP- 'Big Brother 18' episode 5

This has been a week full of crazy messiahs, sucky spies, and a fight for survival.  

So, who will stay? Who will go? What’s this crazy twist Julie is teasing us with?

As expected, king of the newbies (Paul) took himself and his beard off the block. Frank (The winner of the BB Roadkill comp) nominated Bridgette as the replacement nominee. ensuring Jozea’s the houseguest walking out the door. Effectively pissing her off, but whatever.

Julie threw shade Jozea’s way. She said the self proclaimed “Messiah of the newbies” was running the game “in his own mind.” Reality was there was a powerful alliance of 8 controlling the house.

After Veto Ceremony reactions were no surprise. Paulie wasn’t worried because he had faith. Frank said it was nothing personal. She was the only person he could nominate. It’s a numbers game, and she got caught in the crosshairs.

The Delusional Messiah thinks it’s great Paul’s off the block. It’s another vote that ensures Paulie’s exit. Great for his game? How Jozea believes he’s staying at this point is beyond me.

Bridgette knows this is Big Brother. People tell you not to worry until you walk right out the door. Finally! Someone who understands! Basically the entire house ensures Bridgette has nothing to worry about.

Meanwhile, the Delusional Messiah of the Newbies is still on the hunt for the BB Roadkill winner. Jozea has a moment of clarity. He thinks Paulie’s the sneaky Roadkill winner. He trusts his intuition. Apparently it’s offline when it comes to his own game. Da’vonne somehow keeps a straight face when Jozea has his hallelujah moment.

The delusional trio holds their daily meeting. Jozea rather have Paul voting because Bridgette isn’t trustworthy. Victor thinks they have the votes. He names Da’vonne, Zakiyah, Victor, Bronte, Paul, Natalie. Paul urges Jozea to go have a conversation with Nicole and clear the air about their beef. She would be the tie breaker. Jozea isn’t worried. He thinks Paulie will leave by a landslide. Paul adds it has to be heartfelt because that’s how she operates.

So, Jozea takes their advice. (Shocking, I know!) He sits with Nicole in the hammock for a little talk. Jozea says he doesn’t have any issues with her, he hopes they can work together and he hopes they can be besties on the outside. Nicole isn’t falling for it. She laughs at Jozea’s proposal. He didn’t persuade her one bit.

Zakiyah, Da’vonne, and Nicole think the spy girls are acting kind of weird. Zakiyah says they’re moody. Da’vonne adds they’re paranoid. Nicole asks Zakiyah and Da’vonne to fill her in on Jozea’s “meeting.” They made sure to fill Nicole in on the Spy Girls failed mission. Nicole feels betrayed.  

Zakiyah, Nicole, Tiffany, Michelle and Da’vonne are hanging out in the backyard. They decide to team up as a side alliance. They named themselves “The Fatal Five.” They agree not to get blinded by the boys. Nicole’s been there done that. Zakiyah says she’ll flirt, but it won’t affect her game. Flirting might benefit them.

James pulls another prank. This time on the girls. He puts mayo in Bronte’s shampoo and Natalie’s anti aging face cream. Natalie doesn’t figure it out. She spreads it all over her face, and even offers to share. Bronte gets really mad because she’s a party pooper. Natalie at least laughs.

The worst girls alliance ever is sitting outside wondering why no one has approached them about votes. They think it’s kind of weird how calm the vets are. Spy Girls admit they really have no clue what’s going on in the house. You don’t say!? Bronte’s worried about Jozea going home. She may have underestimated the other side of the house. Bronte, you’re an awesomely annoying Math genius.  

The newbies are hanging out. They have no clue Zakiyah is a great spy. Take that Spy Girls! Jozea thinks his delusional heartfelt conversation with Nicole went well. Paul says she’s a really kind person. Bridgette doesn’t trust Nicole. He thinks she was sneaky, and tricky during BB16, so they better watch themselves around her. It was catty, and immature.

It didn’t take long for Zakiyah to report Bridgette’s cattiness to Nicole. Da’vonne says being catty and playing Big Brother are very different. They aren’t falling for Bridgette’s innocent act.

The newbies obviously can’t play nice with eachother in the sandbox. It all started with Natalie’s annoyance with Victor’s picky attitude. Natalie was in one of the bedrooms talking everything out (James called it GT or Girl Talk.) King Douchenozzle walked into the room and got annoyed seeing James talking to the girls. He walked out angry over absolutely nothing. Bronte followed. She wanted to explain what was happening which did nothing but make Paul more angry. Bronte said everyone just needs to shut the hell up until Thursday. She gets attacked by the three douchetards. It was petty, immature, and all about Paul’s paranoia. They basically kick Bronte like she’s a piece of trash sending her back in to the gossiping girls & James.

It’s time for the last minute nominee speeches. Jozea says from day 1 he’s been truthful and bold. All I heard is blah blah blah you’re going home. Paulie did some kind of  weird imitation. Bridgette puts on her sickening sweet, innocent act. She says she wants to stay so she can perfect her cookie recipe.   

Eviction Votes

Victor, Paul, Bronte, and Natalie Vote to evict Paulie.

Zakiyah, Da’vonne, Frank, James, Michelle, Tiffany, and Corey vote to evict Jozea.

7-Jozea 4-Paulie 0-Bridgette. Jozea is the second evicted houseguest. He wasn’t surprised. It sucked.

When Jozea sits down with Chenbot she takes no prisoner. She confronts him on his sucky game. Jozea talks about some of the houseguests (naming Natalie) betraying him. Does he know nothing about Big Brother? He thinks there were secret deals going on in the last few days. He says there are “weakminded” people in the house. When asked why he publicly targeted Nicole he talked about how sneaky and backstabbing she was during Big Brother 16. It was personal for him. He claims his delusional meeting was really to rally the troops and motivate them to get rid of Paulie.

His goodbye messages were tame. Paul said he’s going to “Rambo” through the house. Nicole said it was stupid to target the HOH openly, and Da’vonne called him delusional.

This may not be the end of the Messiah’s reign. It sucks I know! There’s a new comp called The Battle Back. The newest nominee battles the nominee from the previous week. Winner stays to battle next week. Loser goes home.

Time to battle for the most powerful position in the house. Head of Household. Winner’s entire team is safe for the week.

The comp is called “Berry Balanced.” Each player will race across a balance beam relay style to retrieve a berry. They then have to race back and place them in 1 of 3 columns. Each column holds 10 berries. There are 2 paths. A shorter, more difficult balance beam or a longer but easier balance beam. If you fall off the beam, the column of berries you’re working on will be dumped out. You will be eliminated. The team continues without you. First team to get 40 berries has to decide who will go retrieve the final HOH blueberry and return it to the start. If successful, they will win HOH. They begin. Natalie falls almost immediately.

Find out who won HOH, and who they nominate on Sunday.

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