RECAP: ‘Big Brother 18’ — A Clueless Ringleader [Episode 4]

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big-brother 18_recap

Dog Suits, Blindsides, and 8 packs. The first POV of the season is played and another player becomes BB Roadkill. Here we go. Another fun filled, delusional messiah BB episode!

There’s massive scrambling after the “BB Roadkill ceremony.” Frank is laughing on the inside because the newbies are determined to hunt the person who nominated Paul’s beard. The delusional trio is convinced it had to be Michelle. I have no idea why they think it was Michelle. Eye contact? Don’t worry Paul promises to hunt down the person who nominated him for a little revenge.

Frank’s amused when he hears the delusional trio throwing Michelle’s name out there. Only the 8-Pack knows Frank actually won the Roadkill comp this week.

Jozea knows it’s impossible to send a vet home this week. What’s the next best thing? Send the brother of a BB vet home of course. Jozea has his target. He thinks he runs the house. He says he’s bringing some vets into the fold, so he’s confident he’ll have no problem getting the house to vote out Paulie. His delusions are going to make Thursday even sweeter for the viewers/feeders.

Nicole tries to do some damage control with King Douchenozzle, but all Paul wants to do is eat his large pickle. Guess they’re good then right?

Time for more Delusional Messiah conspiracies. He’s sitting in the Safari Room with James, Zakiyah and Da’vonne. Three people who know where Jozea’s leaving tomorrow, and members of the 8-pack. I don’t know how they kept a straight face, but they managed to. James doesn’t argue. He thinks it’s easier to agree with Jozea’s delusions and tell him he’s king of the house. Da’vonne’s sick of The Delusional Messiah. The next thing she wants to hear is “nice to meet you all” right before he does the walk of shame.

King Douchenozzle sees Paulie and Bridgette flirting and joking around and freaks out! He goes to his delusional crew of newbies and starts worrying Bridgette may not be working with them anymore. He doesn’t trust her. Victor promises consequences for flip flopping. Is he planning on spanking her for being a naughty girl? I don’t get it.

Bronte and Natalie (¾ of the “Spy Girls alliance) wait for Nicole to leave so they can have a serious discussion. They have to vote out Paulie this week because they want to vote with the majority of the house. Bronte’s a numbers genius doncha know? She may want to rethink her math because she’s not voting with the majority. She’ll definitely be flipping her helium lid Thursday night. They don’t want to see Paulie go. He’s so hot! Putting Paulie’s hotness before the game? Say it ain’t so!? The Spy Girls aren’t going to take over the game? I’m absolutely crushed. (sarcasm of course because this is the worst girls alliance ever!)

Time to pick players for the first Veto Comp! There’s a little change. If Nicole picks her name or a nominee’s name they get to pick the player.  (no more hgs choice & only HOH picks the players) The payers are: Da’vonne, Corey, Nicole, Jozea, Paul, and Paulie.

James and Frank do a little dance. Almost all of the players are members of the 8-pack except for the nominees. That means as long as Jozea doesn’t win the Veto they’re golden. There’s a little HOH celebration going on as well. Nicole, Da’vonne (or queen of the DR,) and Zakiyah are elated about the players chosen.

Frank leaves his celebration, and puts on his sad face for poor delusional Jozea. He wants to convince Jozea he’s a shoulder to cry on.

Paulie, James, Frank, and Corey play a little prank on sleeping King of the Newbies. They put cream of some sort on Paul’s hand. Then they tickle his nose, hide and giggle like school girls. When that doesn’t work James picks up some of the cream and throws it on Paul’s face. He wakes up and looks around but the boys can’t contain themselves. They come out laughing.

It’s Veto Comp time! The comp is named “Dizzy Dog.” Michelle is hosting, and the players have to put on dog costumes for no reason at all. Nicole is crushing on Corey in his dog suit. Anyways, the comp is played like this: They have to spin around 15 times. They will then have 45 seconds to race across the yard and start stacking doggy treats on top of their dog house. They have to rush back across the yard through their doggy tunnel before the timer hits zero to press their button again. If the timer hits zero, they are eliminated. First player to stack 40 treats on top of their dog house wins the POV.

The houseguests have different techniques for this comp. Paul builds a foundation before he builds the layers, Jozea is truly delusional if he thinks making shapes with his treats will win. Nicole and Corey can’t even stand straight enough to build anything. Da’vonne is ahead then all her treats fall all over the place. In the end it’s between the 2 P’s. A close finish but King Douchenozzle wins the POV. He’s so extra when he celebrates. That won’t win him any admirers.

The delusional trio still has no idea Jozea is the target. They are hands down the worst players in years. They think everything’s awesome because Paulie’s still the target and they run the game.

Paulie is bummed he didn’t win. Now his fate is in the hands of the vets. He doesn’t like that at all.

Tiffany to the rescue! She wants another ally so she tells Paulie her secret. They can now bond over being siblings of awesome BB Alumni. *gag me* They laugh about Jozea “teaching Tiffany how to play the game.”

Frank puts on his concerned face to check in with The Delusional Messiah. Jozea rants about knowing everything happening in the house because he’s an observer. He’s a CEO in his mind. Jozea trusts Frank enough to bring him into his delusional circle of newbies. He knows Frank will go along with whatever he wants. He says he’s the glue!

This “meeting” Jozea calls is one great reason to buy the feeds. First, only certain people in the house were invited however EVERYONE knew about it. Secondly, Jozea laid his game out for his enemies. James, Da’vonne, and Zakiyah were sitting in the room. Yeah, James kind of crashed it but Jozea didn’t care. Lastly, he compares himself to Obama and basically says he runs the universe. Everyone else should bow at his feet. If you didn’t believe he was delusional before I give you exhibit A!

The Spy Girls have their own plan. Natalie and Bronte are attending Jozea’s meeting. Bridgette’s mission is to go dig for dirt in the HOH room. Bridgette fails and her fellow spies aren’t so secret about Bridgette’s mission. Worst Spies ever!

Paulie decides to confront Jozea about not inviting him to the meeting. Jozea says the house called the meeting and he can do/say whatever he feels like saying. It’s a free country after all.

King Douchenozzle is still fired up about being secretly nominated. He’s still planning on hunting them down. He takes himself off the block, so the BB Roadkill winner has to nominate someone else. Frank nominates Bridgette. He hopes this ensures King Messiah is the second evicted houseguest.

Will The Messiah fall from his pedestal tomorrow night? Will the vets continue to run the house? Find out tomorrow Live at 9pm.

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