Bethenny Frankel Disses Jules Wainstein “Those Meds Have You Paranoid” & Slams Luann’s New Man #RHONY

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Despite her recent health troubles, Bethenny Frankel is riding a high. She says ratings for the Real Housewives of New York are up, and she’s taking full credit. I don’t know if either of those statements are true. If the ratings are indeed up, can she claim sole ownership of that fact? But nevertheless, give her points for walking around with those boulder-sized balls of hers. That can’t be comfortable.

“All said, the show is awesome, the ratings are UP, #theBisback and, “If you can’t handle the truth you can’t handle me.”

The Crazy Calzone Caper. Jules Wainstein baking silverware and cups into the calzone was flat out weird. Clearly, all the stress Jules has been under has made her eating disorder rear its head. That much is evident, no matter how much she deinies it. Jules likes to say she’s super open about her disorder, but that’s not the case. She very sensitive when called out on her behavior. That said, the women should have been kinder. (I’m talking about you, Carole Radziwill!) Especially in light of the fact that Bethenny, and Carole by default, knew Jules was having marriage troubles. Kid gloves, ladies. Look into them.

“The pizza/calzone scene a.k.a .the Vagina Monologues was just nuts. We know Jules is vajasian and vajewish but we needed graphic pictures to prove it. Whatever meds she’s on is not my business, but asking her to keep them away from the food shouldn’t be too much to ask. Lord knows that calzone was already crowded what with all the cutlery and stainless serving cups and all. I mean girl puleez.”

Bethenny’s lack of empathy toward Jules is troubling.

“As for her crying to Dorinda about my imaginary criticism of hers, keep it moving. Those meds have you paranoid. I have said so little about her.”

Now, onto the health scare.

“Having a child completely changes your perspective and the words “living will” take on a much scarier and deeper meaning.”

Last week, on Watch What Happens Live, Andy showed this clip of Bethenny breaking down. She was embarrassed, literally hunched in on herself. That surprised me. For a woman who is so out there and all “You can’t handle the truth!”, she didn’t want us to see her in such a vulnerable state.

As far as Ramona Singer trying to play peacemaker — and that is not a natural role for her because it kills her buzz — Bethenny thought Ramona should just get over it already.

“As for Ramona trying to get Luann to continue with the Carole drama and trying to end it, that horse is dead. They’re not friends. At least that is genuine. I respect Luann saying she just doesn’t care. She is in love and happy and moving on and so is Carole. Take that chicken off the grill.”

Bethenny’s Bravo blog would not be complete without at least one jab at the Luann de Lesseps.

“As for Luann saying that she is dating a “millionaire,” it just made me laugh. Visions of Dr. Evil in Austin Powers flashed through my brain. I guess the “Don’t Talk About Money” chapter never made it in her very classy book. LOL. Maybe she will show us a W2 at the Reunion.”

And no, B. is not upset about not being invited to FLA.

“Now Luann is planning a trip to Florida and we’re not invited. Oh no. I’m devastated. I hope I’ll be ok. Next week you will see more about that.”

Okay, I know you all are going to groan…but I felt a little bad that Bethenny was all alone with her health scare. She’s surrounded by employees, not friends, not family — much like Sonja. I realize B. has structured her life this way, and has no one to blame but herself: bad choices, pushing people away, driven beyond anything else. But it still made me sad. She has a ton of money, is successful, and yet, she’s all alone during a crisis. That, my friends, is what I would consider a wakeup call.

All right, AATT’ers. Tell me why I’m wrong.


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