Luann De Lesseps Slams Ramona When She Tells Her To Mend Fences With Carole “Don’t Give Me Your Bullsh*t” #RHONY

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RHONY_Luann De Lesseps Slams Ramona

As the eighth season of The Real Housewives of New York rolls on, tension surrounding Luann De Lesseps and Carole Radziwill‘s “friendship” escalates. 

In a preview clip of Wednesday night’s all-new episode, the drama heats up when Ramona Singer jumps into the fire to confront Luann at her cocktail party. Ramona tries to convince Luann that she still needs to mend fences with Carole, but Luann’s not having it this time.  

“I’m on the outs with whom,” Luann snaps at Ramona. 

Ramona quickly responds, “With Carole.”

Luann and Carole‘s feud stems from Carole dating Luann‘s niece’s ex boyfriend, Adam Kentworthy. Things got ugly between the NYC frenemies last season when nasty words and tweets were exchanged over the Adam/Carole relationship.

When season eight began, Luann apologized for her part in the drama and tried to move on but Carole took the low road and attacked Luann‘s character. Well, it seems Luann has had enough and tells Ramona to zip it on the Carole chatter.

“Oh stop, Ramona. Don’t give me your bullsh*t!” Luann tells her aggressively.

“Don’t get defensive.” Ramona responds. 

Luann is fed up of saying sorry to undeserving Carole and makes it clear that she could care less about her costar. 

“I don’t care what Carole Radziwill thinks. Period!” Luann boldly tells Ramona.

It appears Luann and Carole’s friendship is over for good. Tell us what you think. Sound off in the comments.

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