Jules Wainstein Says A Lot Happened During Her Marriage That She “Can’t Change Or Control” #RHONY

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Maybe it’s me, but it seems like a lot of these ‘Housewives’ pop up on the show at the lowest point in their lives — either personal or financial. They try to hide the pain and drama, and instead, focus on things like busted vaginas. And so it has been with Jules Wainstein. While her marriage crumbled around her, her father dealt with health issues, and Jules seemed to wrangle with her eating disorder, she opened her life up to the world.

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For me, it was a case of Jules trying a little too hard to portray her awesome life and mask her very real problems. Instead, she wanted to tell us how Asian she was. How Jewish she was. But the cracks showed, and we finally saw Jules’ vulnerable side.

I understand that she won’t be returning to the Real Housewives of New York, and I think that’s kind of a shame. I wonder what Jules would look like, stripped of that perfect image she tried so hard to convey? Showing us what she looks like as a single mom with her new business venture. I think Jules deserves a second season.

But in this week’s blog, she tells us her feelings on the season thus far.

“I try to live by the same lessons and values I teach my kids, like for example, “You can’t control or change other people’s behaviors, but you can control and change your own.” A lot has happened to me over the past year that I can’t change or control but what I’ve learned is that by taking control of my life and destiny, I can change my future, my kids’ lives and maybe even help others if I’m lucky.”

I thought it was very interesting that Jules made a deal and had product before she even mentioned it to husband, Michael. I think the writing has been on the wall for some time in that marriage.

“…this is a critical time to challenge myself to take control of my life in positive ways, like taking care of my children and parents, working to keep myself strong and healthy for the long road ahead and building my own company. Modern Alkeme is a project that I have poured my soul into and I’m so excited to share it with you all and hear your thoughts.”

She’s gotten support from people around her.

“The outpouring of love and support I’ve received from family and friends, fellow Housewives and fans of RHONY during this challenging time in my personal life has been truly heartwarming and inspiring. I plan on doing everything in my power to make everyone who has and continues to support me proud!”

I wish Jules all the best. I hope she makes the most of her new business. It’s sad to watch these women struggle through personal troubles, but that is when the Housewives show us who they truly are. And for me, that is when this show is at its best. The manufactured drama takes a backseat, and we get to see these women as real people.

So what do you think? Does Jules deserve another season or are you glad to see her go?


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