Shannon Beador Claims She’s Not Obsessed With Vicki Gunvalson! #RHOC

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Newsflash! Shannon Beador claims she’s not obsessed with Vicki Gunvalson. I can’t tell!

And furthermore, The Real Housewives of Orange County star is tired of being continually asked how she feels about Vicki.

“It’s been an interesting week,” Shannon wrote on her Bravo blog. “Especially on social media. People have been supporting my decisions and then others have been blasting me for “not moving on” with the Vicki situation. Newsflash. I am continually asked how I feel about Vicki. I answer the questions. I am not obsessed with Vicki. I have forgiven and don’t want to engage in a friendship anymore. It’s plain and simple.”

Unfortunately it’s not plain and simple. These women are on a reality show and must find a way to set aside their drama so that they may create new drama. Like the following:

“I almost died when David brought up the bathroom topic at our Valentine’s dinner,” Shannon wrote. “And then of course we have to be reminded of my colonic disaster last year. Yikes!”

Drama with a capital D! So how does Shannon really feel about that Valentine’s necklace?”

David has picked out most of the jewelry that I have. And I have really loved anything he has ever bought for me — but not this necklace very much. He decided he didn’t like it either when we got home. I don’t want people to start going off on me that I am an unappreciative wife. I am incredibly grateful for my husband’s thoughtfulness and generosity. I’m quite sure every married woman has received at least one gift over a 15-plus-year marriage that they didn’t like.”

She’s got us there. As for the lunch date between Kelly and Vicki?

“I was surprised to hear that Kelly went out to lunch with Vicki. Each one of us has our own “history” with Vicki and Kelly doesn’t know all of the facts involved.” Shannon said.

Tell us what you think. Will Shannon and Vicki ever restore their friendship?


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