Shots Fired! Whitney Slams Cooper On Twitter “No One Would Film With Cooper”— Cooper Responds! #SouthernCharm

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Whitney Slams Cooper On Twitter_Southern Charm

As viewers await the sure to be fiery Southern Charm reunion (get reunion spoilers here), shots have been fired early, on Twitter.

Cooper Ray has been scrapping with Whitney Sudler-Smith, providing a delectable hors d’oeuvre, before the dramatic main course is served, later tonight. It all began with a question from a viewer — tweeted to Cooper Ray

Cooper snarked out a response, dissing the Bravo filmed parties — including one hosted by Whitney’s mother, Patricia Altschul. Fans raked Cooper early in the season, after watching Cooper cozy up to Kathryn Dennis, and in another backstabbing jab, compare the unstable wreck to a deliciously distinguished Charmer, named Patricia.

Whitney jumped into the Twitter exchange, revealing that the cast shunned Cooper, due to an inflammatory action towards production. Cooper fired back, dissing the man who assembled the cast, and has executive produced Southern Charm.

Whitney admitted that the decision to cast Cooper Ray, was a poor one.

Cooper’s shady attitude towards Whitney’s mother undoubtedly plays into Whitney’s regret. Fans of the show know that Patricia chose to  deliberately cut off contact with Kathryn Dennis, distancing herself from the cast wrecking ball. Cooper was once Patricia’s confidant, but as cameras flocked to the unstable drama queen, Cooper decided to sell out a friendship for camera time, with Kathryn.

Cooper lashed back at Whitney’s tweet, calling him a mama’s boy, and blasted Patricia for dissing his event.

Cooper then offered a sip of sweet southern hilarity, via a snarky video.

Cooper sniffed that the cast of Southern Charm is simply not worthy of his presence.

One fan asked if the social media drama was to get tongues wagging before the reunion fireworks.

The social media tea is REAL — and not so southern-sweet! Catch the reunion tonight at 8 pm ET.


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