RECAP: ‘Big Brother 18’ — Roadkill Shakes Up The Game

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big-brother-18-episode 3

There’s a Big Brother Messiah is in the house!? The Summer of Big Brother fun is just beginning.

After Thursday’s nominations and the eviction of poor Glen, the newbies are demoralized, but they plan on sticking together. Or do they?

The Vets are in power. After Jozea layed out his game on a silver platter for Da’vonne, they had a target. After a little vet pep talk, Paulie agreed to be a pawn.  

Reactions to Nicole’s nominations were mixed. Nicole says she drew a line in the sand when she became HOH.  (Really? I thought Paul tattooed that line when the vets popped out.) She nominated Jozea because he couldn’t keep his big trap shut. He told the wrong person HOH Nicole was target numero uno. She says she nominated Paulie because he can give Jozea a run for his money.

Jozea says now he’s coming for Nicole. Can’t wait to see The BB Messiah’s face on Thursday.

Paulie isn’t happy about being nominated, but he’s trying to stay positive. He knows he’s not the target. He gives a shout out to brother Cody. He hashtags #notworried.

Victor and Paul are just happy they aren’t on the block. Victor calls Nicole’s nominations “ballsy.”

Da’vonne’s a great actor. She runs into Jozea in one of the bedrooms, and acts like she knew nothing about Jozea’s nomination. On the inside Da’vonne is screaming I can’t wait to get you out of here! She asks “Still the all knowing? Did you know this was going to happen?”

Oh Jozea, what are we going to do with you? You keep making dumb move after dumb move. He thinks Da’vonne and  Zakiah will save him.

Paulie and a very sunburned Corey go check on HOH Nicole. She wonders if Jozea just stormed off. The boys say he hugged people. Nicole says she got nervous when he starred her down.

Nicole apologizes to Cody and the Calafiore family for nominating Paulie. Paulie’s in good spirits. He says he tried to act mad.

*Hallelujah music plays* Super Douchenozzle to the rescue! Paul wants everyone’s endorphins to settle before they discuss their next move. Paulie asks if she’s going after strong players. Good job. Let the conspiracy theories commence!

Jozea can’t seem to help himself. He digs his grave deeper and deeper. He says Nicole can’t compete against strong players. She better hope he doesn’t get any sort of power because her butt is grass. Paulie asks why he ran around the house saying he was gunning for the person in power. It wasn’t very smart. BB Messiah himself  isn’t scared, and he has nothing to hide. He’s convinced the house loves him more than Paulie.

Da’vonne can’t wait to report her newest diarrhea mouth Jozea conversation to Nicole. She (Da’vonne) says he has to go. He keeps saying he’s gunning for Nicole. Nicole defensively says he didn’t even ask her not to put him on the block. That would’ve made a difference?

Finally Jozea swallows his pride (and huge ego.) He goes up to chat with Nicole. This should be good. Jozea digs his hole deeper when he says he doesn’t want anyone in his room when he gets HOH. *snap snap attitude* He hates suck ups, and he’ll never suck up to any HOH. Nicole tries to express her reasons for nominating Jozea. She says she wanted to make it as fair as possible. She’s not a “kisser butter” either. (Her words.) Her reasons really don’t matter because she was totally Bullsh**ting him. He said she was number one on his list. He’s number one on her list. Enjoy your fall from grace dude.

New comp alert! The new comp is called “BB Roadkill.” Every week after the nominations, the BB RV will pull into the backyard. Each hg must individually enter the RV and participate in the comp. The winner will be told secretly, and will gain a game changing power. They will secretly nominate a third houseguest. The winner can nominate any eligible person. Including someone from their own team. Team Unicorn and The Freakazoids are safe this week.

Reactions were mixed with fear and hope. The newbies hoped to win because they wanted to nominate a vet. (Frank’s name was thrown out there.) The vets know they have to win because they’re outnumbered by the newbies.

Da’vonne gets to work. She’s recruiting some newbies to team up with the vets. It betters their odds. First she recruits Zakiah. “She calls them chocolate drops.” Next she recruits Michelle. She points out how hard the vets fought during their seasons. She was easy. She says she knew if there were vets, she’d want to team up with them. She’s a fan, they’re loyal and they’re more organized. They’re also smart game players. Da’vonne is killing it with her Dr’s! They now have 4 newbies and 4 vets. A new alliance of 8. (Da’vonne, Zakiah, Nicole, Corey, James, Paulie, Frank, and Tiffany) They get together for their first meeting. First business to discuss: their alliance name. After a bunch of random, silly names are thrown around they decide. Their alliance name is “The 8-Pack Alliance”. Frank jokes, “Better than a 6-Pack!”

It’s BB Roadkill time! The RV has pulled in and ready for action. The goal is to strip down to their swimsuits as fast as possible while driving the RV.  There’s always a twist. Let go of 1 button, the timer goes 30x faster. Let go of 2 buttons, the timer goes 60x faster. Let go of all 3 buttons, the timer goes 120x faster. As soon as they strip down to their swimsuits press the red button to lock in their time.

They had interesting ways of completing this comp. It’s obviously easier for the houseguests with longer limbs. Poor James is short, so he got creative. One of the ladies even uses her head.

The winner is revealed secretly. The houseguests open their tackle box where the word loser or winner is inside. When Frank opened his box, the word “winner” was inside! Thank the BB Gods! All four of the vets are safe.

Frank decides to tell only the people in his  8-pack alliance. The rest of the house (Thanks to Jozea’s big mouth) thought Paulie won. Frank was great at acting like a loser. (Experience?)

*Sarcastic* YAY. There’s a girls alliance formed. Natalie, Bridgette, and Bronte think teaming up will take out all these strong boys. Natalie spy name is “flirty spy.” Bronte is “wifey spy.” Bridgette is “spunky spy.” They formed “The Spy Girls alliance.” Too bad Tiffany is sitting laying in the hammock 20 ft away. Don’t trust them with national secrets folks.

The 8-Packers get together to decide who Frank’s going to secretly nominate. After discussing how much some of the newbies give them the willies, they get down to serious business. Victor, Bridgette, and Paul are all possibilities.

Category 4 must face their punishment after landing in Mysteryland. (Flashback to the very first comp of the season.) In Mysteryland, everyone’s naked. Paulie, Bridgette, Frank, and Michelle have to wear a “pixel costume” for the next week. The other girls in the house are drooling over the almost naked Paulie. Michelle just thinks it sucks.

The houseguests gather in the living room to find out who the winner of the BB Roadkill comp secretly nominated. They hold their breaths until Paul’s picture appears on the screen. James compares Paulie, Paul and Jozea to 3 bucks grazing in a pastor. Jozea is still convinced the house loves him. Paul is ready for battle.

Who will win the Veto? Find out on Wednesday at 8pm.

You’ll find the real uncensored BB fun on the live feeds! Buy them on CBS now!


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