‘Sister Wives’ Tell-All Season Finale Live Chat HERE — Joins Us At 8:00 PM ET

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Sister Wives is wrapping up the season tonight with TLC’s traditional “Tell-All” episode.

Join the snarky fun, and jump into our LIVE CHAT as journalist, Erica Hill, rehashes the season with Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn.

Expect to hear more about the ongoing family fallout following the catfish scandal that swallowed last season, the birth of Kody Brown’s 18th spawn, Maddie Brown’s wedding and Mykelti Brown’s engagement.

Share your thoughts, insights and disgust, as we wave goodbye to the Brown cult, once again.

Sister Wives Tell-All season finale live chat kicks off HERE at 8:00 pm ET sharp. We ask that you stay on-topic, and have FUN!


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