Heather Dubrow Shares Why She Invited Vicki To Her Party & Her Thoughts On Newbie Kelly Dodd #RHOC

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Heather (3)

Real Housewives of Orange County is back, baby! 

The women haven’t spoken to Vicki Gunvalson since last season, and needless to say, they still haven’t forgiven her for bringing “He Who Shall Not Be Named” into her storyline. But Heather Dubrow has decided to be the bigger person and invite Vicki to her dinner party aboard a yacht.

“After Terry‘s health scare I decided it was time to celebrate life and health…and given the fact our house is STILL not done (I know, ridiculous, kill me) I thought it would be fun to have a party on a boat and cruise the harbor. Of course I invited Vicki, because even though I don’t condone her behavior of last year, I feel everyone deserves an opportunity to exonerate themselves.”

And Heather reminds us that Vicki has a few good points. Like loyalty. Although, that one got her in hot water last season.

“…I thought about how Vicki stuck by Shannon when she wasn’t included in Meghan‘s charity event last year, so the decision was easy.”

Kelly Dodd showed up, full of corny punchlines like, getting “MC Hammered.” Oh, Kelly, the jury is still out on you.

“Any friend of Meghan and Jimmy would always be welcome at a party of mine — I adore them. I didn’t get a lot of time with her that night, but watching the episode it’s clear she enjoys a good catch phrase and a good pun.”

Heather wanted a pleasant night with her good friends. And her TV acquaintances.

“I didn’t expect anything to happen at the party, just a group of friends hanging out together and celebrating love…until Vicki pulled me aside for a talk… Tune in next week for that…”

Of course Heather expected something to happen. Have these women ever been to a dinner party that didn’t go sideways? But that is why I love the Housewives, and I’m so happy the OC ladies are back on my screen. How about you? And how soon will it be before Vicki breaks down the barrier between herself and the others?


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