RECAP: ‘Big Brother 18’ — A Mastermind Rises As We Get Our First Eviction of The Season

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Stowaways, Sleepwalkers, and Siblings! Welcome to the second half of the Big Brother 18 premiere!

The stowaways and the newbies are getting comfy. King Douchenozzle Paul is leading the charge against the “dusty vets.” He’s really gunning for miss attitude herself, Da’vonne. Unfortunately for him, she’s safe. The only endangered vet is Nicole.

There were three twists- The stowaways, the houseguests are playing in teams and the first eviction will be in the first 24 hours.

The teams had to battle it out for safety, have-nots, cash and a mystery punishment. Team Unicorn won safety for two evictions, Big Sister and Team Category 4 are also safe. Team Freakazoid is left to battle it out against eachother. The loser will be the first evicted houseguest.

Team Freakazoid‘s moral is in the toilet after round 2 of The Hit The Road Comp. Nicole whines about how much it sucks. She says she’s been more stressed out in the last 24 hours than she was during Big Brother 16.

Luckily for Nicole her team tries to boost morale. Corey says it sucks, but he doesn’t blame her. Glen says they didn’t work as a team. Now one of them is going home. James isn’t a freakazoid, but he should be an honorary freakazoid cheerleader! He reminds them one member of team freakazoid will be the first HOH of the Summer. So suck it up buttercup!

Da’vonne can’t keep it to herself anymore. She has to ask Tiffany if she’s related to poker player Vanessa. She has a mastermind motive. She wants to team up with The Vanessa Clone for more protection. Tiffany is in tears because she sucked at the last comp. Luckily Da’vonne wants to give her a shoulder to cry on. *Insert the evil mastermind laugh here.* God, she looks exactly like Vanessa when she cries. Before Da’vonne can ask, Tiffany blurts out Vanessa is my sister. She didn’t want to cry. Da’vonne jokes it’s hereditary. Da’vonne may have a new ally.

King douchenozzle pumps up the freakazoid newbies for the next comp. He’s ready to get rid of Nicole. He’s demanding a newbie win the next comp. Corey doesn’t look too impressed by his peptalk.

Frank, looking less like Carrot Top’s twin this season, sits down with James to discuss a possible newbie pact. James definitely thinks the newbies are gunning for them. It turns into a strategy session when Da’vonne joins them. Frank’s going with the BB14 strategy. Nurture the newbies and turn them against eachother. Da’vonne thinks if Nicole or Tiffany wins HOH, the vets will be okay.

Nicole’s gets the mastermind edit tonight. She pulls Corey into the storage room with a plan. She wants Corey to think it’s a great idea to give her HOH this week, but she wants to convince him it’s his idea. Corey’s not the brightest bulb. He falls for it.

Time for The Freakazoid battle. The freakazoids are stranded on their own island. On the sound of the horn, they have to climb up the tree and retrieve a coconut. Then they have to climb down the tree and deposit it to the SOS outline on the ground. After they fill the outline in, they have to carefully go over and pull their flag. The tricky part is the island moves, so the coconut can fall out of place. The loser goes home. The other members of the team win safety for the week.

It’s so obvious the newbies don’t want Nicole to win. They’re cheering for Glen. King Douche Paul is giving the newbies pointers, and directions. How annoying. Even Bronte adds in her two-cents.

The horn goes off and the freakazoid battle begins. Glen obviously has trouble because the comp is made for the smaller houseguests. Nicole pulls it off and finishes first with Tiffany right behind her. It’s a photo finish at the end. (Literally) Corey finished before Glen. Glen is the first evicted houseguest. Then they have to choose a HOH. Nicole does some kind of  Jedi mind trick on them because Corey and Tiffany give her the power which doesn’t make Paul happy at all.

Nicole, James and Paulie joke around and hang out in the HOH. I can’t believe I’m here..with you. blah blah blah. They talk loyalties. Paulie is in a good spot with both the vets and the newbies. Out of loyalty he promises not to put up James or Nicole. James says “He’s the most loyalist player.” Is that even a word?

The newbies wonder what Nicole’s plan is, so Victor decides to ask her directly. It doesn’t go as planned. Victor single-handedly throws Jozea under the Big Brother bus, and busts out the newbie alliance all at once. Can he be more horrible at this game? Nicole plays the dumbcard, but she’s secretly rejoicing. He just handed her a nominee on a silver platter.

James plays his first prank of the season. He finds Nicole in the shower, so he tries to convince her he’s Victor. She falls for it hook, line and sinker. Can it be this easy?

DUN DUN DUNNNN…The Have-Not room is revealed. Last year it was a Dentist Office, so did they top themselves this year? Yes, it’s a circus theme. The beds are carnival rides. The slop also looks more awful looking this year.

We thought Victor was bad. Wait till you get a look at Jozea’s game. He sits outside with Da’vonne. He calls himself The Messiah. He then lays out his entire game, and talks about his (not so) genius game strategy. Isn’t Da’vonne supposed to be the enemy? Da’vonne just soaks up this info, so she can go report back to HOH Nicole.

Da’vonne saunters upto the HOH room to report Jozea’s stupidity to Nicole. The first person Jozea wants to get rid of is Nicole. The person who holds his game in her hands. Nicole looks stressed about this info, so Da’vonne puts her “mama day” hat on for a little HOH peptalk.

Nicole’s plan is coming together, but she wants to run it by her team ally Corey. She knows Paulie is one of her allies, but she needs someone strong and likeable to guarantee Jozea’s the first houseguest to meet Chenbot on Thursday. Corey’s not sure about this plan, but it’s a good plan if they can get Paulie onboard.

The Vets need to talk Paulie into being a pawn. Three words Paulie: Pawns go home. He’s not sure about the plan, so the vets work on him a bit. They convince him they have his back. Although they can’t guarantee his safety, they promise their undying loyalty. Nicole thinks it’s the only way to send Jozea packing. After some convincing, Paulie agrees to be a pawn.

Finally we get to the first nomination ceremony of the Summer. Nicole nominates Jozea and Paulie. Jozea looks worried, but he has confidence. He thinks he has the majority of the house in his back pocket. Paulie is worried because if he goes home Cody will kill him. He hopes the vets have his back because he doesn’t want his Big Brother experience defined by a mistake.

On Sunday’s show a new competition will be revealed that “will shake up the game.” Ugh..nooooo!

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