Meghan Edmonds Accuses Vicki Gunvalson Of Using Kelly Dodd To “Weasel Her Way Back Into The Crew” #RHOC

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The series that started it all, Real Housewives of Orange County, is open for business. And so is Meghan Edmonds’ uterus.

“In case you missed it, I just announced my pregnancy with a baby girl and this season I’m going to be sharing my IVF journey with all of you.”

Oy! We have another “journey” on our hands.

“The part of my hysteroscopy that you didn’t see was when the doctor signaled the anesthesiologist to rush to my side to be put completely under in an emergency situation due to the intense amount of pain. I was completely conscious though when the doctor straightened my c shaped uterus out with a straight instrument.”

Meghan thinks she got an unfair edit.

“Unfortunately the viewers didn’t see any of this happening, so of course I look like a big wuss!”

And just in case you don’t understand the severity of a c-shaped cervix — you philistine, you — Meghan ups the drama ante.

“He told me that if I had ever gotten an IUD that I would’ve been the perfect candidate for it to have pierce through my uterus and cause me to bleed internally and possibly lead to death.”

*Cue the dramatic music* In other news, Meghan’s baseball playing, candle-sniffing husband, Jim, couldn’t have been less interested in all that fertility talk.

“…as you can see, he is preoccupied with the subject right in front of his face – candles! We had just gotten that shipment in our house and we both couldn’t wait to open it and we had already talked about IVF a bunch prior to that, so he was understandably distracted.”

Sure. Understandably. What’s a baby compared to a cinnamon apple taper?

“He’s not a researcher like I am and sometimes a lot of information is too much information for him! I am the complete opposite!”

This season, there’s a new girl in the OC — Meghan’s buddy, Kelly Dodd. She and Vicki Gunvalson hit it off immediately, much to Meghan’s amazement.

“I was excited for everyone to meet Kelly, but I was actually shocked when Kelly immediately bonded with Vicki. I warned her that Vicki might be using her since she was the only person left for Vicki to use to weasel her way back into the crew. So far I’m right on point with that thinking…”

Well, I’ll give Meghan points for being right about He Who Shall Not Be Named last season. So we’ll see if she’s right about Vicki worming her way back into everyone’s good graces.

What did you make of Meghan’s fear of needles? And are you excited to go with her on this new “journey”? (Take a drink!)


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