RECAP: ‘Big Brother 18’ Premiere — Surprise Mystery Houseguests Return To Shake Things Up

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The Summer of lying, backstabbing, cheating and fighting for 500g’s has begun. Right off the bat there will be 3 twists.

If you’re a fan, you’ve already read the houseguests profiles, interviews and gotten to know their strategies.

Here are my impressions:

Bronte is a student and self-described a math genius. Her voice is worse than nails on a chalkboard. My mute button is going to get a workout. Maybe her “genius” is under her annoying girl next door personality.

Victor lives at home with his large family. Not the ideal place to bring a girl home. He can’t wait for the BB bikini girls!  

Corey is a Baseball player. He brags about all his accomplishments which to be honest bored me. Corey sleepwalks. He tells an interesting story about it. Confession: I didn’t really listen to it.

Natalie is a former NFL Cheerleader. That’s the only interesting thing about her. She is hoping for a showmance. Maybe “Miss Bachelorette” surprise us.

Paulie is Cody’s brother. He does a bunch of athletic stuff. He doesn’t plan on announcing who his brother is, but he has big shoes to fill. Cody came in second place to mastermind Derrick. He once again proves the Calafiore family is an affectionate bunch

Zakiyah is a preschool teacher with a sassy attitude.  

Glen is a former NYPD Narcotics Detective. He’s now a dog groomer. His NYPD experience means he goes to places regular groomers won’t go. He’s proud to be from the “Boogie Down Bronx” where he lives with his fiance and daughter.

Bridgette is a traveling nurse. She wasn’t sure where she wanted to settle down so she was a nomad for awhile. She decided to become a Cali a surfer girl. She’s not a very good one.

Jozea is from a life of hard knocks. He was a stripper for awhile. Now he’s a celeb make-up artist.

Tiffany is a high school teacher. She’s also Vanessa Russo’s sister. She brags about her IQ (Like Vanessa did) but she’s more of a social butterfly. She’s also been with both sexes, so she will flirt with both to get further in the game.

Michelle’s a Registered Dietitian. She’s the annoying person who Nags about how much mayo on our hamburger. She’s also scared of a whole host of things she’ll probably never encounter like North Korea.

Paul so far is just a giant douchenozzle. My impression may change when I watch the feeds. He’s the black sheep of his Armenian family. He’s in a band.

After the first 12 houseguests finish talking about strategies they’ll probably abandon as soon as they enter the house, everyone lines up in front of the Big Brother house ready to start the Summer.

After everyone enters, they start to get acquainted. We learn first impressions aren’t so important because hello this is Big Brother after all. Things change at the drop of a hat.

Here are some first impressions the houseguests had about their housemates. Paul finds Bronte’s voice annoying. Zakiyah thinks Paulie is hot. Glen is going to inspire the #glenhasadaughter hashtag. Glen and Paulie bond over geography. Bronte thinks everything is chaotic, so she heads to the DR to “find her zen” which consists of lip exercises and meditation.

There’s already a love triangle or was it just edited that way? Victor thinks Natalie belongs in a Telenovela. Natalie only has eyes for Corey. Corey wants to bromance Victor, so is it a love square?

Tiffany’s strategy is to sit back in the beginning, and observe. (Her sister had a similar strategy.) But as Tiffany introduces herself Michelle thinks she looks a lot like Vanessa. She thinks they might be sisters.

As the houseguests get settled in, they know they have twists in store because there are only 12 of them.

Chenbot surprises the houseguests when she announces the first few hours will be full of twists!

The first twist is there are four stowaways popping in to play the game with them.  The “stowaways” are Nicole (BB16,) James (BB17,) Da’vonne (BB17) and Frank (BB14.) Immediately the newbies start talking about sending the “dusty” vets packing.  

Night one alliances are forming. Paul, Jozea, and Zakiyah are the first houseguests talk strategy. They want the vets gone like yesterday.

In general, the newbies agree to stick together and the vets agree to stick together. This  strategy will last for about 2.5 seconds.

The second twist is the houseguests will be playing in teams of four this year with a vet on each.

The teams are:

James Team- Natalie, Victor and Bronte

Da’Vonne’s team- Paul, Zakiyah, and Jozea. (The first alliance formed minus Da’vonne.) Paul openly wants Da’vonne gone asap, but since they’re a team she’ll hang around for a few weeks.

Nicole’s Team- Glen, Corey and Tiffany. (Poor Nicole got stuck with Glen)

Frank’s Team- Michelle, Paulie and Bridgette

The first competition is “Ride The Rocket.” The object is to hang on as long as possible. If all 4 members of the team falls off, the team is eliminated. The order they fall is important. The first team that falls off goes to “Notburgh.” They will be have-nots this week. The second team that falls off will go to “Mysteryland.” They will receive a mystery punishment to be revealed at a later time. The third team to fall off will go to “Cashland.” The team will receive 10k split between all the members. The last team to hang on will go to “Safeland.” They will be safe for 2 evictions.

You’d guess the first person to fall off would be Glen. He had problems getting on the rocket. Surprise! The first person to fall is Tiffany. Is this strategy? The rocket gets slippery. The houseguests fall one-by-one.

Da’vonne’s team (a.k.a “Big Sister”) went to “Notburgh.” Frank’s team (Team Category 4) lands in “Mysteryland. Nicole’s team (Team Freakazoids) flies into “Cashland.” Winning  safety for the first 2 evictions- James’ team (Team Unicorn.)

There’s more Vets vs. Newbies Drama after the first competition! James, Nicole, and Da’vonne know a vet has to win HOH because the newbies outnumber them.

Paul is head of the “No Dusty Vets” movement.  

Da’vonne learned her lesson last season. She knows she has to make nice with the newbies, so she finds her “team” to start the wheeling and dealing. Da’vonne says she’ll protect them from the vets if they protect her from the newbies. Paul agrees, but king douchenozzle is lying through his teeth. The more he talks the more I dislike him.

After Nicole entered the house Paulie felt he had no choice but to confess he’s Cody’s brother. Announcing a BB sibling on night one can backfire.  

Tiffany decided not to announce she’s Vanessa’s sister, but somebody figured it out. Da’vonne figured out “The Twin Twist” last year. She thinks Paulie being Cody’s brother is great, but Tiffany’s pokerface doesn’t fool her. She’s keeping this bit of info to herself for now because last year it worked against her.

The first night chaos finds Michelle sitting with Tiffany. She asks if Tiffany is Vanessa’s sister. Tiffany flips out for a minute. (She got Vanessa got caught lying bug eyes. That didn’t confirm it. *sarcasm*) Michelle promises she won’t say anything if she is. Tiffany finally admits she is, but she also thinks Michelle might be related to Nicole. Sorry Tiff, you’re wrong.

The second comp is beach themed. It will be played in three rounds. (As winners of comp 1, James’ team doesn’t compete.) The winner of the first and second rounds will be safe. The losing team will battle against eachother. The loser will be the first evicted houseguest.

The next comp is called “Hit the Road.” First round is building sandcastles with a twist. They have work as a team and build sandcastles without it hitting the ground. Frank’s team won round 1. The second round the teams had to work together and solve a sandcastle puzzle. Nicole’s team was in pure chaos. Da’vonne and Paul buttheads, but they pulled it off. Da’vonne’s team won.

Tomorrow night Nicole’s team will battle it out in round 3. Losing houseguest will be evicted.

After the live show (west coast time) the uncensored version of Big Brother will start 24/7 Live Feeds! Buy them at CBS.


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