Kody Brown Unhinged! Flips Off Viewers — Top Ten “Hater” Complaints #SisterWives

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Is Kody Brown becoming unglued? On a snippet of the upcoming Sister Wives Tell-All episode, scheduled to air this Sunday, Kody Brown is seen scowling, remarking that the Browns have “haters,” while flipping a blurred middle finger to the audience.

Giving the audience who supports your show the finger does not exactly align with “love multiplied,” and reveals a brewing frustration within the famous polygamist. During the last episode of the show, Kody was seen telling some of the family to “piss off,” revealing more cracks in the contrived  TLC narrative. The fallout from last season’s catfish scandal continues to reveal chasms in the plural joy, making viewers wonder if TLC is about to shut down the Brown’s love story.

Kody touts himself as devout to his faith, so flipping the bird at anyone pollutes his testimony—but could the impulse even be endangering their TLC future? Could such a reaction during the most important episode of the season—when viewers expect to see the Browns at their most honest and vulnerable, be a game changer? 

Why would the Browns have critics, those whom Kody immaturely refers to as “haters?” Blogs, Twitter, and Facebook hold the answers, and similar opinions are repeated over and over. The following are the loudest complaints, uncovered in blogs, and on social media.

  • The Browns seem grubby. Their houses, and general appearances often have a BLECH factor. The recent episode where fans watched Robyn give birth in cluttered surroundings, made viewers cringe.
  • Critics believe that the Browns are lazy. They talk about work, but the viewers don’t see much getting done. Their online boutique was recently hacked and redirected to a porn site, and no one seemed to care. Most of the family is overweight, and no one seems to care. Standards are low.
  • The Browns’ speech is often sanctimonious and patronizing. The family preaches lofty standards based on religious and moral standards, often  speaking to viewers as if they had never heard of decisions stemming from faith before.
  • The Browns have been exposed as negligent parents. They continue to breed like rabbits, but struggle to keep up with the litter. Little Truely almost died, when her fluid intake wasn’t monitored during an illness, allowing her kidneys to fail. Solomon had to have extreme dental surgery as a toddler, and Truely also has evidenced bottle-rotted teeth. Most of the kids are overweight, and are likely fed buckets of carbs every day. The children are wanted—but appear to be half-ignored, either because of the sheer body count, or just lazy indifference.
  • Kody Brown wants to be worshipped—not loved and adored—worshipped.
  • TLC viewers often complain that the Browns are fake, fake, fake. They act one way for the cameras, but their body languages, subtle slips of the tongues, and glazed over expressions reveal that their homes are more miserable, than happy. The women fake friendly tolerance with each other, and Kody is just a caricature of a quad-loving husband.
  • The Browns cover and hide, until they are busted, and forced to explain. The catfish scandal revealed a family in crisis, but there was a show to protect, so no one spoke of Meri scowling on the couch, or hiding out with her phone. All behavior is tied to TLC checks, and financial health is blurred. Backstories are rewritten, and sold as truth.
  • Many fans find the Browns self absorbed and annoying. While such opinion flourishes in the land of reality TV, there is a dark cultish undercurrent that highlights a more disturbing confidence within Kody and his harem.
  • Hypocrisy flourishes on the Brown compound. Pork is eaten—then declared unholy. Children live in ways that contradict standards—rationalizing eyes are turned, and it’s all good. Sermons about the importance of marriage relationships are preached—and one wife is discarded and ignored. They beg for understanding and tolerance—then flip off public opinion.
  • The top complaint is the general annoyance with the promotion of homogenized polygamy. The idea of a man spreading his seed amongst four wives is gross, and makes a mockery of the covenant of marriage. Taxpayers are sick of paying for the endless, government-supported offspring, and disturbed by women being subjugated, and children abused. People also question the Browns drawing some blurred line between their clan and the “bad polygamists,” when bloodlines and quasi-church associations are all too close to sects which continue to keep women and children trapped in abuse and misery. Fans watch because it’s like viewing  a disturbing freak show—not to join the Browns in some pretend family dance.

The biggest joke of all is the notion that this show enlightens viewers to just another harmless lifestyle choice. Polygamy breeds brainwashed loneliness, insecurity, neediness, and favoritism. The marriages are proclaimed important by off-kilter doctrine, not by sacred commitment and action. If anything, their obvious cult misery has revealed the opposite of their intended objective. Even with a network painting the rosiest picture that they can muster, plural marriage has been exposed as an epic failure. TLC needs to flip Sister Wives, the bird.


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