Bethenny Frankel Justifies Dating A Married Man, Slams Luann de Lesseps & Disses Martha Stewart #RHONY

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Tonight on Watch What Happens Live, Real Housewives of New York’s Bethenny Frankel and Veep’s Matt Walsh joined Andy Cohen.

Andy showed a clip of Before They Were Housewives, featuring Luann de Lesseps. Of course he showed Luann talking about that one time when she had crabs in Europe. Bethenny screamed, shocked at Luann’s topic of conversation. 

Next, Andy played clips of Ramona’s bad behavior on tonight’s episode. When she learned that Bethenny had to cancel the girls’ trip to Mexico in order to have surgery, she was more upset that she wouldn’t be able to wear her newest swimsuit. And before leaving the doggy wedding, Ramona cut the cake, and instead of using a plate, she used her paws. Classic Ramona.

When Bethenny went to the doctor, Dorinda insisted on accompanying her. The poll question of the night: which Housewife would you want to take to the doctor? Bethenny said:

Ramona will lose it ironically, because she was really, really the best of anyone when I was sick. The best…every single day texted me, called me for probably six weeks. …brought me over hummus because it had iron in it. Brought me flowers.”

Andy wanted to know more about that sleepover at the Berkshires. He had a list of questions for Bethenny.

Did she really forget what she said to Luann?

“Often I don’t remember the things that I say. When I’ll watch the show I don’t remember saying something and yeah, I don’t remember exactly, because to be honest, I think I only said whore and when I went upstairs I recanted that I said slut and whore. I could have taken off slut.”

Does she regret anything she said?

“I think maybe those words. I don’t ever regret on this show because it’s what was happening in the moment…and it’s this group of women and it’s a long time coming.”

What did Bethenny think of Luann texting an apology instead of offering one in person?

“It was amazing. It was like ‘When a Stranger Calls’. The text is coming from inside the house.”

Did the ladies apologize to Dorinda’s housekeeper?

“I don’t remember apologizing…I’d just had a nervous breakdown, I was probably medication or something in the driveway.”

Does she regret sneaking out the next morning?

“Uh, no. I wanted to get the f*^$ out of there. This is what happens in real life with these women. It’s not like my friends of twenty-five years, I’m running out of their house in my pajamas.”

In the sneak peak of next week’s show we see Bethenny, pre-surgery, breaking down in the car. She’s lonely and has no one she can depend on. At watching the footage, Bethenny now says she’s embarrassed.

“I had the surgery on May 20th. I was in the hospital for three days. I’ve been treating myself really healthfully since then. I recovered pretty well. I have a scar, and I think I’m okay now.”

Does Bethenny see any similarities between the way she’s icing Sonja out to the way Jill Zarin treated her all those years ago?

“There’s a lot you don’t see on the show that happens in between seasons. Sonja has had some of her less than finer moments, and I am in the liquor business, and I do take it seriously. About the trip, I do have a responsibility to my partners and we were worried about irresponsible drinking. I think Sonja knew she had to pull it together in a bunch of different ways…we care about her… I don’t really believe in regret…”

Bethenny’s being accused of hypocrisy in slamming Luann for sleeping with married men when her own boyfriend is still hitched.

“Well, I don’t like to talk that much about my relationship right now because I’ve been through that…I think when someone is not living in their house for almost a year, and you date them I think that’s sort of different than bringing home a man who has a wedding ring on when you’re on a vacation, I think that’s different. That’s up for the audience to decide, but I’m okay with the way I’m living my life.”

Upon hearing the news of Jules Wainstein’s divorce, Bethenny offered a piece of advice:

“I texted her and said to get out…not meaning with Michael, I like Michael…I meant like, just get it over with if you possibly can… It’s really not my business.”

Bethenny says she was told before the show started filming that Jules and Michael were having problems. She saw signs while taping the show.

At a recent Hillary Clinton fundraiser, Bethenny stood elbow to elbow with Martha Stewart. They didn’t speak. 

“Every time I’ve ever seen her since the last—how many years since I was on The Apprentice?—I’m always like, ‘Hi, Martha.’ And this time, I just didn’t. So we didn’t speak to each other. She’s not up here, I’m not down here. It’s like I’m on your level, lady. I pay my own way now.”

It’s no surprise that Dorinda won the poll at 40%. Sonja came in at a sad 1%.

So what was your take on tonight’s RHONY episode? And would you want Sonja to hold your hand during a visit to the doc?  


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