[VIDEO] Shannon Beador Unleashes Her Crazy On Vicki Gunvalson After Harsh Social Media Backlash! #RHOC

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One episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County has aired, Shannon Beador is unleashing the crazy — and we all have a front row seat!

Beador posted a rambling video on her Facebook page, speaking to fans about the first episode of the eleventh season. The video is hilarious — as Shannon reads her Twitter feed, and answers to “haters,” aka fans criticizing her freeze-out treatment of Vicki Gunvalson. Shannon sat down to what she thought would be viewer-love, but faced mostly backlash, for her snotty, adolescent attitude.


Watch the crazy unleashed in the video below:

Shannon worked to keep her cool, as she addressed viewer complaints, with rambling responses. She addressed fans who were nailing her for clinging to Season 10’s fake cancer storyline.

“It really bothers me when people say ‘move on’ like I’m obsessed with it, or I think about it every minute, because I don’t.”


“How many times am I going to put myself in the same position, and have her do the same thing?”

A fan addressed the common viewer complaint, writing,

“Listen  to me now….The OG of the OC has a huge fan base….be very careful on the water you tread. Your still a newbie around here….keep that in mind. Your whole story line has become Vicki!!!


Shannon says, “You know, I’ve moved on from Vicki. I’ve forgiven her—I just don’t want to be her friend..I don’t want to be a close friend to her…she wasn’t kind to me.”

A viewer commented—“I loved Shannon but you are being a mean girl. Remember THE ONLY ONE who had your back last season was Vicky. I can’t wait till next years season when Tamara stabs you in the back like she did all the other girls.”

Fans will remember Vicki sticking up for Shannon, when then-rookie, Meghan Edmonds, tried to shut Shannon out of a filmed event. Vicki also kept silent when Shannon confided in her about David’s affair.

Shannon continues: “A lot of haters! I’m just not good with that. Some of you people like to think that I’m mean—I’m not—and I’m sensitive too, so it’s hard when people say nasty things about you.”

Shannon reveals that her husband David has made “such amends,” and fans can expect to see the dreamboat in action this season. MORE affair recovery? Didn’t production bury this storyline in that fake cemetery yet?

Shannon tries to jump subjects—but fans keep bringing her back to her relationship with Vicki. Shannon becomes flustered, as fans keep hammering her with questions.

“How can I film with her and not talk to her? You know what? You’ll see. When we’ve been together at all cast things, I keep my distance.”

A viewer points out Shannon’s fleeing memory of last season, and her disloyalty to the one cast member who always stuck by her.

“She did so stop it get over it she she backed you up when everybody else hated you and treated you like crap Vicki was always there for you and now look at how you’re acting like the rest of them.”

Shannon takes a dig at new girl, Kelly Dodd’s love of one-liners, in a moment of annoyed foreshadowing.

“Enough with the little puns, the one-liners. I-da-ho, you-da-ho—-really?”

Shannon addresses her weight gain,—which was another part of her Season 10 storyline. Shannon labels the issue her “happy fat,” and grumbles— “A lot of people have been saying I’m puffy and bloated, but I’m in a size 6 for God’s sake.”

Shannon signs off by sharing her love for cute happy face and thumbs-up emojis. One introspective fan offered up a gem, to crazy Shannon.

“Just remember everyone makes mistakes does things and says things they regret it’s not up to you judge why they did them!! Takes half the energy to forgive and move on You already know this just do it!! You are my favorite and honestly I really like watching all of you together !! There’s a lot bigger things in life to be upset about you have a happy healthy family so just get up everyday and be happy!! Don’t think so much!!! Life is really easy when you choose to be happy!!”

Wise words indeed — but here’s hoping for more loose-lipped rambling from Shannon Beador.  Here’s to a crazy Season 11 of RHOC!


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