Kenya Moore Denies Ruckus On ‘Worst Cooks In America’ Set Over Burnt Fish Elimination! #RHOA

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Kenya Moore RHOA

Kenya Moore is denying a report, claiming that the Real Housewives of Atlanta beauty melted down in a tantrum, after being eliminated from Food Network’s Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition.

The Daily Mail described the alleged details of the episode, reporting that after Moore, 45, was eliminated first from the celeb cooking competition, she held up production for two hours, refusing to leave the set. A source claimed that Moore launched into diva mode, and was stomping around the set in a hissy fit.

“I’m calling my agents and they better fix this s***,” Moore allegedly declared, after being eliminated for an “overcooked piece of fish.”

“She did everything except twirl around in circles as she does on Real Housewives; the only problem was, the cameras had stopped rolling!” the source dished.

Chef Anne Burrell supposedly criticized Kenya, for wearing inappropriate clothing, and six-inch stilettos in the kitchen. Moore reportedly got her own digs in during the post-elimination blowup, and said that Burrell was “jealous of her beauty’ and ‘had it out for me the entire time.”

Kenya Moore RHOA

The story claims that producers and fellow contestants tried to calm Kenya down, but to no avail.

“Producers of the show kept trying to get her to leave. They needed to tape the exit scene with her and she refused to go. They needed her to tape her farewell commentary and she refused to. She was dropping F-bombs like no one they had ever seen before,” the source disclosed.

The reality TV diva supposedly stormed off the set, making a dramatic exit.

“I’m TV gold you a**holes. This season will suck without me,” she screamed, as she finally stormed out.

“It’s safe to say you’ll never see her on another Food Network show or any series in the Scripps TV family of networks ever again. She’s ruined that relationship for good,” the insider concluded. 

Kenya denied the colorful account on Instagram, when fans asked about the spoiler report. A fan inquired below on Tuesday.

Kenya Moore RHOA

Moore responded to the above inquiry with, “lol it’s not true but it’s definitely funny.”

Kenya Moore RHOA

What do you believe? Tempestuous, ego-bruised diva — or reality star given a raw — or rather “overcooked” deal? Sound off in the comments!


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