Vicki Gunvalson Dishes On Defending Brooks & Gushes About Her New Man! #RHOC

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Vicki Gunvalson appeared on Watch What Happens Live after the premier episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Monday night. The OC of the OG was ready to whoop it up with Andy Cohen and SNL star, Bobby Moynihan.

Cohen gets right to the dirt, pummeling Vicki with questions about her new beau, Steve Lodge. Vicki dishes that Steve had not seen RHOC prior to their meeting, and that he knows all about Brooks. The other ladies  met Steve, a retired law enforcement officer, at Heather Dubrow’s book signing. Vicki tells a charming story, about Tamra Judge feeling up her new man.

“She asked Steve if he carries a pistol, and he said ‘well I don’t have one on me now,’ because he’s retired from law enforcement, ‘but I’m entitled to.’ She goes, well let me check, and she went up and down him, and ended at his crotch, and said I found it! Oh my God—I am mortified, he is going to break up with me right now.”

After that TMI anecdote, we learn that the perpetually cranky Briana “loves” Steve. Other nuggets about Steve include—He has not yet been to Andales, and has yet to pass the ‘whoop it up’ entry test. He is not a Coto Insurance client, but has promised Vicki a ‘get out of jail free’ card. Vicki has been dating him two months—and her infamous love tank is nearing the full mark. We hear later that Steve is older than Vicki, and is currently running for a city councilman spot in Anaheim. 

Cohen runs down the cast demands for apologies, following the Season 10 Brooks Ayers cancer scare debacle. Andy then invites the public to vote on whether or not they have forgiven a reality star—a strange question. Vicki responds, peeved by the cast demands.

“How did everybody make it about them? It affected me—it happened to me. I wasn’t [a part of the scam] and I couldn’t see the forest through the trees. I couldn’t see anything—he wasn’t telling me anything!”

Andy reads that the viewers are demanding that she admit that she knew Brooks was a dirty faker.

“There’s no pity party,” Vicki explains, “If you are in love with someone, and they tell you something, aren’t you going to believe them?  That’s why we broke up.”

A caller asks Vicki if she wishes that in hindsight, she had believed Briana instead of Brooks.

“Well of course, yes. But when you are in a relationship, you try to believe the person you are with. Listen, he’s in my past, we dated 5 years, I’m on to a new relationship, I really don’t want to talk about Brooks anymore.”

Andy asks Vicki when she spoke to Brooks last, and Vicki responds that it had “been awhile.” Vicki also spills that she blocked his number then later unblocked it.  She cites some “unfinished business” with Ayers, and comments that she talks to all of her exes from time to time. Vicki also notes that her second ex-husband, Don, is happy being single.

A viewer asks about the recent OC premiere party, and if any awkward moments took place. Vicki answers that everyone had a great time, and that the event triggered a boozy lunch with Gretchen Rossi. The party gals even drunk-called Andy, during their meet-up.

“I hadn’t seen Gretchen in a couple of years, and it was really fun catching up.”

Vicki shares that she remains the closest with Jeana Keough, even though Jeana has moved out of her neighborhood. A viewer asks Vicki about her penchant for falling in love hard, and if she is in love with Steve.

“We’re getting there. I’m very cautious, very slow, there’s no rush. I’ve been alone and single, and I’ve been dating a lot of men, and I’ve been going on dates. I like to be in a monogamous partnership.”

The show wraps with a poll revealing that 62% of viewers weighing in, do not trust the reality star. The OG of the OC doesn’t care, and comments, “They don’t know what I went through.”


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