Brandi Glanville on Depression, Drinking and Weight Loss After Discovering Ex Eddie Cibrian’s Cheating

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Have you seen the fun trainwreck called Famously Single?

It’s the fallback reality show Brandi Glanville signed up for after being fired from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. With the help from a therapist, the D-List participants find out why they keep choosing the wrong partners, again and again.

On episode one, Brandi is her typical loud, party-girl self who announces she’s brought along her vibrator and lingerie. Recently she spoke seriously to People Magazine about the “emotional fallout” of ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian’s, affair with LeAnn Rimes.

“I trusted him completely and fully,” Brandi said. “Then I went to visit him on a movie set and for the first time I felt like something was going on with the person that he was acting with. He told me I was crazy. That morning I get a call from a bitchy mom that I’m not really friends with and she’s like, ‘Have you seen the [tabloids]?”

Don’t you want to know who the “bitchy mom” was? It couldn’t be Kyle Richards, Brandi hadn’t met her yet. Cibrian would eventually file for divorce shortly after he and Rimes went public with their affair.

Brandi said, “I laid on my closet floor and just sobbed.”

So how did she get through it? Motherhood responsibilities helped her “triumph over the pain.”

“It wasn’t about me,” the reality star explained. “You buck on, so I did. I mean, don’t get me wrong – I had a couple years of depression. I started drinking too much, I had to up my anti-depressants, I cried all day every day, I lost too much weight, but I had to take care of two kids. It wasn’t about me anymore. I knew it had to be done.”

Most of that was documented on RHOBH, but it’s good to know that motherhood keeps Brandi (somewhat) grounded.


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