Vicki Gunvalson Asks For Heather Dubrow’s Forgiveness In Hopes They Can Be Friends Again! #RHOC

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The Real Housewives of Orange County premieres tonight, with a new face, and new drama ushering in the 11th season of the Cali based franchise.

Bravo has given us a peek into tonight’s episode, and the first clip  allows us to get to know cast newbie, Kelly Dodd. Kelly is being introduced as a friend of Meghan King Edmonds. The duo chats over dinner, and  Meghan shares her thoughts, about Kelly.

“I met Kelly about a year ago, so we are new friends. She’s always down to laugh, and she doesn’t take life too seriously. She just says whatever comes to her mind — she’s like diarrhea of the mouth.”

Kelly shares how she ended up in the OC.

“When I was just a little girl, for the nice vacations, we would come to Orange County. So ever since, my dream was to come to Orange County and live by the ocean, and it came true.”

Kelly notes that she relates to Meghan’s storyline — undergoing the in vitro fertilization process — because she did the same thing, in order to have her daughter. Meghan is glad to have friends like Kelly and Heather Dubrow—who have been down the IVF road.

In the second preview of tonight’s episode, Vicki Gunvalson pulls Heather Dubrow aside at a cast dinner, to ask her forgiveness, following a disastrous Season 10. Last season ended with Vicki’s ex-boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, slinking away after being busted for faking cancer. Vicki defended and stood by Brooks, throughout the season.

“I am so touched by the story with Terry and the love that you guys have. I want that for my life too. I went about everything, probably wrong last year, and I’m sorry.” Vicki explains. “I didn’t want to believe what you guys were saying was true, and I was fighting to hang onto something that was slipping through my fingers. I want to ask for forgiveness, and if we can move on, and be friends.”

Tune in tonight, as we get the woo-hoos started — The Real Housewives of Orange County kicks off at 9: pm ET.


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