Cameran Eubanks Thinks Thomas Ravenel’s Dinner Was A Planned Attack! #SouthernCharm

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Cameran Eubanks_Southern Charm

Southern Charm wraps tonight, as Thomas Ravenel’s “words of wisdom” dinner party disaster is rehashed, and the crew chatters about how the cast lightning bolt, Kathryn Dennis, fits into the chaotic puzzle.

Bravo offers an “unseen footage” piece of the dinner party gone mad, giving viewers unaired snippets of drama, and commentary. 

The clip begins with a repeat of Thomas launching his “words of wisdom” speech, scolding Landon for being catty towards his ex, and mommy to his children, Kathryn Dennis. Shep sticks up for Landon, which sends Thomas into a high-octane rant. Kathryn blames Landon’s self-defense, for escalating the dialogue.

“Landon essentially changed the tone of the entire conversation of the dinner party at that point,” Kathryn notes. “Everyone else had politely nodded their heads at Thomas’ comments — and said ‘Ok — you’re fu**ing loony tunes’ — move on.”

Thomas is seen laughing, as a chunk of the cast, files out of the room. Kathryn labels the spectacle a “showdown” complete with hand pistols, as she quad-snaps out her thoughts.

“These people have been coming for me, the last three years of my life. All I want do is say is hallelujah, thank the Lord, he’s standing up.”

Landon flounces away, as Kathryn gives her charming take on her co-star with the “dolphin”-like voice.

“This girl is so fu**ing lost in her own fu**ing star wars story — that she has no clue how to even fu**ing respond.” Kathryn adds, “I’ve realized and continue to realize that Landon is not who she claims to be. She is a phony.”

Kathryn’s talking heads are priceless, and give us another glimpse into the mouthy train wreck that recently failed a drug test, resulting in Thomas scoring a favorable custody agreement. The couple shares two children, Kensie, 2, and Saint, 7 months.

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Bravo also posted a preview clip of tonight’s finale episode, where the cast dissects the dinner party spectacle. Cameran, Landon, Craig, Naomi, and Shep gather at Landon’s place, as JD, Elizabeth, Danni, and Kathryn hang back at Thomas’ house, rehashing the dinnertime drama.

“None of these people like to talk about the truth — like Landon’s a bitch. I’m sorry if you don’t think that — but literally, no one likes to hear the truth,” Kathryn lectures. “It’s an age-old story. Tennessee Williams wrote about it — like, for real.”

Back at Landon’s, Cameran labels the dinner party a “planned attack,” noting that “a leopard does not change it’s spots.” Shep reveals that he has already forgiven the the occasionally “impulsive” Thomas. Shep scolds Landon, asserting that she gives Kathryn “too much ammunition.”

Landon gave her too much ammunition. You need to take the high road! it’s like putting steak in front of a tiger.”

Landon is disappointed, and responds to Shep’s words.

Shep has never been on the receiving end of her [Kathryn’s] crazy. So the fact that Shep wants to defend her, makes me literally, physically sick to my stomach.”

The clip ends with Shep snarking that Thomas, Kathryn and Landon are more “peas in a pod” than anyone would ever know.

Tune in tonight — as the Bravo charmer wraps, at 8:00 pm ET.


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