Who Is ‘Sister Wives’ Babysitter Mindy Jessop — Could She Be Kody Brown’s Wife #5?

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Mindy Jessop_Sister Wives

Rumors are swirling around Kody Brown and his Sister Wives, whispering that Kody Brown may be on a hunt for another wife.

The catfish scandal that swallowed last season, nudged viewers to wonder if Meri had emotionally moved on, and in a recent episode, Kody cited an emotional disconnection from his latest soulmate, Robyn. Could it be time to bring in some new, young blood? Regular viewers of the show can’t help but notice a new female presence in the brood, a young woman named Mindy Jessop. Sister Wives portrays her as a random relative and babysitter — but could Mindy be the next in line, to receive a cult-grown rose from TLC’s star polygamist?

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Mindy Jessop is Robyn’s “step-niece,” if such a term actually exists, outside the inbred world of polygamy. Mindy’s mother is Lisa Sullivan. Lisa Sullivan is a daughter of Paul Howard Sullivan Sr (Robyn’s stepfather) and Robyn’s “other mother” Carol Sullivan. Mindy’s father (Lisa Sullivan’s husband) is Michael Jessop. Michael Jessop is a son of Morris Y. Jessop.

Mindy Jessop_Sister Wives

Most viewers will recognize the surname “Jessop,” as the same as Robyn’s ex-husband, and erased father of three of her children, Dayton, Aurora, and Breanna. David Preston Jessop is Mindy’s second cousin. In case anyone is wondering, and just for freaky kicks, David Jessop is also…

  • 1st cousin & 2nd cousin of Christine Brown [1st cousin through Christine’s father Rex Allred, a half-brother of David’s mother Mary Diane Allred; 2nd cousin through Christine’s step-grandmother Ethel Jessop, a sister of David’s father Louis LaMar Jessop] 
  • 1st cousin of Meri’s “other mothers” Shirley & Judy 
  • 3rd cousin of Kody Brown

But I digress — and don’t ask me where that lands Mindy in the grand web of plural crossbreeding. What we do know is that Mindy has snuggled in nicely with the Browns, and is now scoring her own TLC taking heads. Her Twitter account reveals closeness with the Brown clan dating back years, and she confirmed Las Vegas as home, in February of 2014.

Her timeline would indicate that Mindy has been a Brown player for years, but it wasn’t until the current season, that TLC began to highlight the young lady. 

Christine confirmed that Mindy had long been on the scene, when TLC introduced her on the show.

Mindy is Robyn’s niece, and she has been babysitting Robyn’s kids for a few years now.”

Mindy shared her thoughts about plural marriage, on the same episode.

Robyn is my aunt. She is my mom’s sister — from a different mother. I was raised in a plural family. I’m open to living a plural marriage, but the family bond would have to be really strong, otherwise it would just be not worth it to me.”

“A lot of time, a man with multiple wives, each of their wives’ children associate with each other as siblings. But they don’t really say that the other ones are their siblings. Like there is a stronger bond within the ones that have the same mom. But with the Browns, it’s definitely a lot more intertwined. I know families that — they have the same dad and different moms, and they don’t know each other. To me, that’s not what family’s about, you know?”

“There’s a lot of things the Browns do that are inspiring to live a plural marriage — there’s things that I would do differently, just because I’m a different person. They’re not perfect, but they try really really hard.”

Is Mindy being groomed to be the next wife in Kody’s harem? Such a development would launch Kody into dirty old man status — and indeed change the reality landscape. Do you think that Kody is on the hunt for young  love? 


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