‘Southern Charm’ Cast Reacts To Kathryn Dennis’ New Reality Following Custody Battle Setback

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Southern Charm Cast Reacts To Kathryn Dennis New Reality Following Custody Battle Loss

Southern Charm star, Kathryn Dennis, is facing a whole new reality, and her co-stars have been weighing in, on the drama that rocked the third season of Bravo reality show.

As reported, Kathryn recently failed a drug screening, linked to the custody battle with co-star and father of her kids, Thomas Ravenel. The ex-couple shares two children, Kensington, 2, and St. Julian, 7 months. The failed test resulted in a joint custody agreement, with Ravenel scoring immediate custody of the children.

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“Reality bites” takes on a whole new meaning when dealing with Kathryn, according to several of her cast mates.

Whitney Sudler-Smith blasted Kathryn earlier this week, on Watch What Happens Live.

“She is a drug addict, a violent sociopath, and we want nothing to do with her,” Whitney said.

Landon Clements sat in the Bravo Clubhouse with Whitney, and commented on the custody deal breaker.

“That it’s true,” Landon said, when asked about her knowledge of the failed test. “And that’s all we know. It’s heartbreaking and it’s hard to watch and be a part of it, but there we are.”

It’s been crystal clear how Patricia Altschul feels about Kathryn, but she grabbed a chance to further clarify why the cast often froze her out of filming sequences.


Patricia answered to a critical viewer, noting her concern for the Ravenel children.

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When a viewer criticized Cameran Eubanks for isolating Kathryn, Cameran defended her position.


Shep Rose has been a largely neutral player, in a cast divided over the controversial cast diva. He responded to a viewer asking his thoughts on a cryptic Facebook message, posted by Dennis, earlier in the week. The message alluded to a Southern Charm “reality of the reality being revealed,” when a “veil” is “unveiled,” on June 27th. Shep shared his reaction on Twitter.


Kathryn maintains a fanbase, despite her erratic behavior, with viewer  sentiment split between hatred and mistrust for Thomas, and disbelief of the details of the story. The reunion episode is expected to address the game-changing development. The fact remains that Kathryn has not denied any part of the allegation on social media. For the past week, the Ravenel children have been in the care of their father, even traveling with him to NYC to film the reunion.

The bottom line is that Kensie and Saint were in the care of a mother on drugs, and the court swooped in, and rescued two babies — no “reality” trumps that.   


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