Bethenny Frankel Wants #RHONY Fans To Know She Gives “Zero F*cks” If You Love Or Hate Her

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According to Bethenny Frankel, the latest episode of the Real Housewives of New York was a classic.

“This is my favorite episode ever. It has the absurd humor, the vintage RHONY feel, the side eyes, the drama and none of me ripping someone a new —hole.”

Apparently, this is the most popular season in years. (Although I have a hard time believing this competes with the Jill Zarin of Zarin Fabrics years.)

“What can I tell you? The ratings are flying, the drama is real, and I give zero f—s if people love or hate me. This is a reality show and in dealing with this particular group of women, THIS is my reality.”

Can we end the zero f*^#s already? Someone please make it stop! But one thing we can all agree. Bethenny doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her.

“I’m happier than ever and enjoying the success of the show. I give it my truth…”

And she gave her truth about Tom, Luann de Lessep’s new soulmate.

“I laughed from the minute Sonja said “my Tom” through the conversation with Ramona about #braceletgate. It was two, not one, bracelets by the way.”

Carole, Adam, and that bizarre gift also tickled Bethenny’s funny bone.

“Simon and Garfunkel, I mean Carole and Adam with his long hair and guitar get up to her hideous terrarium and his reaction to it.”

Even though Bethenny was annoyed with Luann when they met up for drinks, she finds the snarky humor.

“I laughed even more when cracked out Luann in her white wedding cape didn’t let me get a thought, much less a word, in edgewise. I mean you gotta love a woman who does the inviting and accepting of an invitation. Clearly Luann does all the work in bed.”

Ouch! But watching the fractures in Jules Wainstein’s marriage wasn’t amusing.

“That dinner with Jules and Dorinda was actually painful. It’s looking like Jules and Michael are having some trouble in paradise. That I don’t miss, and that I don’t envy. I do “suck at relationships,” but I’d rather be solo than feel like that.”

She does give John props, though.

John was trying to break the tension, and at that dinner, he was definitely my favorite Housewife.”

So where do you stand? Should Sonja and Luann have been invited on the trip? And what kind of fair weather friend is Ramona? She should have stood up for Sonja, no?  


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