Sonja Morgan Talks Bethenny’s Behavior, Tipsy Girl Drama & Sleeping With Luann’s Man #RHONY

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Sonja Morgan and Jerry O’Connell joined Andy Cohen in the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse this evening. After tonight’s Real Housewives of New York episode, the first thing on Andy’s mind was whether Sonja was a one off or a long term friend with bennies to Luann de Lessep’s fiancé, Tom.

“With Sonja Morgan it’s never just once…this was a recurring thing over the years. We have the same friends in common. He’s an adult. He’s about to be fifty years old, never married, no children. I’ve known him quite a long time. Like ten years. Maybe longer. But I wouldn’t say we were hooking up that long.” 

Today, Jules Wainstein’s husband filed for divorce. We saw the cracks in this marriage as Jules and Michael dined with Dorinda and John. Was Sonja surprised?

“Yeah, I am very surprised. I did speak with Jules and I’m kind of devastated… I know they’re pretty discrete people.” 

Jerry jumped in and wondered if Tom got to ride in Sonja’s new jumped up vajayjay.

“No, no, no, no, no. I did that afterwards. Wait a minute, when did they go to the Berkshires? Because I was with him right before Thanksgiving… Now that I’m not with Tom, I need to take it for a spin.”

We saw a clip of Luann gushing about Tom. But Ramona Singer was there to pop Luann’s happy bubble with the sting of reality. She filled Lu in on all the gossip, saying Tom still called his ex every day and sent her a bracelet for Christmas. All while he was wooing Luann. And so we have our poll question of the night. Should Lu be upset that Tom gave his former girl a gold bracelet?

Jerry protested, claiming this was a lopsided poll. Duh, of course she should be upset. Then he turned to Sonja. “I thought for a second Ramona was saying you were the one who was receiving gifts. I felt really bad for the Countess.”

Andy showed a clip of Luann sharing her soulmate news with Sonja, performing a couple of hip thrusts in celebration of her new found love. Then he moved on to Lu’s drink date with Bethenny Frankel, where the loud-mouthed Skinnygirl couldn’t get a word in edgewise.

 Andy asked for Jerry’s top three moments of the season thus far:

3) Luann’s swirling the hula hoop at Bethenny’s party, desperate for a scrap of attention.

2) Ramona and Dorinda Medley’s scuffle on the sidewalk in front of John’s dry cleaning party. He acted out drunk Rey’s part by getting in Sonja’s face and asking who she knew in Ibiza.

1) Then Jerry donned a Dorinda wig and recreated the Berkshires party where she used a bottle of vodka for emphasis and yelled that she “made it nice” for everyone, but they ruined it.

And scene.

Dorinda tweeted that she stood by her decision not to invite Sonja. But our Tipsy Girl wasn’t having any of it.

“Stop lying. Fake. Well, I’ve been doing it a little longer than you, you liar.”

Andy asked if Sonja was glad she missed that particular party.

“No, I mean that’s where I’m supposed to be, Andy. Remember, it is a job. I needed to be there to see Bethenny and talk to her. Luann was getting…I could have hid in the closet with the broomsticks. I could have played Twister with Jules.”

Andy asked Jerry if he were interested in a permanent gig with Kelly Ripa. Jerry said, “I’m going to make a big announcement here in the clubhouse. Andy Cohen has that job, and I will be his understudy when he does the big reunion shows.” Andy gave a wonky eye roll, and Sonja waved him off.

The other Housewives were tweeting their thumbs to the bone. Dorinda said, “I’m dying, Jerry. I just didn’t know I sounded like that.”

Luann tweeted: “Sonja, Tom and I love you dearly, but it was before you stopped drinking and he says it was a one-night stand.”

Sonja’s response:

“Why would I lie? I would like to say it never happened, because I want him and Lu to be happy. I love them both. What motive would I have? I’m a woman. One less notch on my belt would always be better, right?”

So, did Sonja’s vaginal laser treatment help her tighten up?

“I’m not really sure. I thought it was pretty good before. They talked me into it. I told you, I haven’t really taken it for a spin since, you know. And I’m not dating young guys anymore, I gave that up, too.”

Why does Sonja think Bethenny has been so mean by excluding her this season?

“I think Bethenny is getting a lot of information from Ramona, the original pot stirrer… I haven’t even had a chance to spend any time with Bethenny. I didn’t see her over the summer… And then the girls got in her ear about the Tipsy Girl, so I think that’s why.”

Jerry gives his opinion on Tipsy Girl:

“I would have liked to have seen Bethenny take a higher road. While Bethenny is not wrong, okay—there are some similarities—Bethenny’s got her thing and has been very successful. I’m not a Bravo executive…but if I was, I’d love to see Sonja pull a little Jill Zarin at the Mexico trip and show up uninvited. Boom.”

Does Sonja think Bethenny’s hair looks like Luann’s ’do?

“Yes I do. But I don’t think it was intentional.”

Is Ramonja dead or alive? Sonja is on the fence.

“That’s what Jerry was just asking me. He doesn’t want to see it go down in history as dead. Time will tell. I’m getting a little tired of the apologizer myself.”

If Jerry had to pick a Housewife mistress? “I don’t want to get in trouble here, but rumor has it that one…has hit the reset button downstairs.” Then he pawed at Sonja like a horny cat. “I’m old and married and all that stuff, but everybody loves that new car smell.”

Luann mentioned she felt like Sonja’s mentor. True or False?

“The thing is that Bethenny has always been an inspiration and mentor to me and that’s why I was so upset when we had our fight. So I think when Luann says ‘I’m mentoring Sonja’ it wasn’t quite the same feeling for Bethenny, I’m sure, so she was laughing.”

 Sonja gives us an update on Tipsy Girl. More than ten thousand bottles have been produced and the restaurant will be open soon.

“It will be at the restaurant and also be in liquor stores.”

The consensus was that Luann should care Tom sent his ex a bracelet, topping in at 71%.

So what did you think? Was Lu ignoring red flags? Should Ramona have spouted off or kept the gossip to herself?


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