NeNe Leakes Nose Job Exposed By Top Plastic Surgeons #RHOA

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Nene Leakes_RHOA

NeNe Leakes is triple-snapping her way to the plastic surgeon’s office, according to recent pics, posted on the Real Housewives of Atlanta diva’s social media accounts.

There is a drastic difference in NeNe’s nose, from photos posted in May, to only a month later in June. 

Nene LeaksNeNe Leakes in May 2016 (left) and June 2016

Page Six asked Dr. Matthew Schulman, a board-certified New York City plastic surgeon, to weigh in on Leakes, and the obvious change to her nose.

“NeNe appears to have undergone nasal reshaping,” Dr. Matthew Schulman, who did not treat Leakes, tells Page Six. “She has likely had the hump removed and her nasal tip lifted and narrowed. This was probably accomplished by removing some bone and cartilage from her nose.”

Schulman said that the cost for such a procedure would range between $9,000 and $12,000.

The self-proclaimed “rich bitch” is no stranger to surgery, because in 2010, NeNe, 48, put herself through a surgical overhaul, including a nose job, new smaller breast implants, a breast lift and tummy liposuction.

A chunk of Leakes’ followers aren’t so thrilled about her latest beak-tweak. Comments such as these, pepper her latest Instagram posts. 

“Leave your face alone please. Don’t get like lil kim on us please! She need to stop what she doing 2. Almost didn’t recognize you on kelly! Funny not funny!stay you!”

“same pose trying to hide that surgery nose.”

“No NeNe why did you do your nose again….you’re still my favorite”

“She looks like Tamar Braxton!! It doesn’t even LOOK like Nene anymore!! Why?!”

NeNe is werkin’ it—and is scoring work, left and right. Do you think NeNe’s going under the knife days are over—or has she only just begun?


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