Surprising Secrets, Lies & Scandals Revealed In The #RHOC Uncensored

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Bravo offered a bonus episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County Monday night, labeled RHOC “Uncensored.”

Juicy backstories, revealing details, and production tea was spilled, about the eighth season of the original Housewives franchise. These specials are juicy, and this one was no exception. Cast veteran, Vicki Gunvalson, narrated much of the special — an appropriate gig for the longest running Housewife ever.

The Alexis Factor

Alexis Bellino reluctantly returned, after originally quitting the show at the end of Season 7. She was coaxed back by Vicki, and was welcomed by venom — and now we know exactly why. First, Alexis and Jim Bellino befriended Simon after Tamra and Simon’s divorce, which further pissed off the already cranky Tamra. Gretchen was peeved, because Alexis was supposedly offering off-season appearances for bargain prices, undercutting opportunities aimed at Gretchen. The most puzzling question to this assertion asks, who on earth would make an effort to go see either of these women? The third reason is the most delish scoop of all. Tamra, Gretchen Rossi and Heather Dubrow all believed that Alexis had been fired. They all had their own ideas about a replacement, so when Alexis sashayed back onto the scene, they were shocked. Not only was Alexis back, but another cast spot was given to one of her allies, newbie, Lydia McLaughlin.

The Dubrow Factor

Bravo confirms that Terry wears the Housewife panties in the Dubrow marriage. Heather is on the show, mainly because Terry loves the girly spotlight. Heather considers herself a real actress, who actually has an acting career. Who knew? Heather controls her marriage, and even tried to control production, when in the midst of Alexis’ bullied exit from the Cut Fitness dinner, she grabbed a producer and tried to wheedle one of her friends onto the cast. Heather shows classy, but acts cutthroat.

The Sister Factor

Lauri Peterson returned for Season 8 to wreak havoc with the OG of the OC, and Gretchen was her willing accomplice. Lauri accused Vicki of being caught in bed with a woman and a man, and Gretchen spread the tacky gossip around, like an off-key love song. Vicki was furious that a threesome allegation was floating around the Bravo audience, and skewered anyone within earshot. The woman in her bed that night turned out to be her sister, and due to the person not being a cast member, Bravo cut that info out of the show. The rumor backfired on Gretchen, and Vicki later revealed the truth in blogs, and live in the Bravo Clubhouse.

The Slade Factor

Hooking up with career Housewife hound Slade Smiley, essentially wrecked Gretchen Rossi’s reality career. The couple’s storylines were contrived, Gretchen’s career was boring, and Slade was icky. Gretchen knew that she was a snooze, so she came up with an elaborate plan to propose to Slade, in a showy extravaganza. The viewers knew that the display was fake, and so did the cast — so they weren’t invited to the party. Slade assures us that he  wanted to fake propose for three seasons, but Gretchen just beat him to it. Gretchen gasps at the accusation that the proposal was staged — yet she remains single, three years later. The cast didn’t buy it, due to Gretchen’s own off-camera admissions that Slade’s deadbeat finances would never allow marriage. Gretchen is caught in a bold-faced lie, claiming that production disallowed the cast to attend the proposal spectacle. Bravo producers deny the nonsense, just as the viewers didn’t buy the silly and tacky proposal. Sorry, Gretch! Andy Cohen throws shade, and indirectly quips that Bravo had no interest in another tacky wedding spinoff show. Gretchen’s fake shtick got her tossed, and she wore the ugliest dress in reunion history, as her swan song.

Tune in, as the 11th season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, premieres June 20th.


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