Dorinda Medley Is “Hurt” & “Angered” Over Carole And Bethenny Dissing Her Berkshires Home #RHONY

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Dorinda Medley is offended. Her home, Blue Stone Manor, was the scene of much upheaval on the Real Housewives of New York these past two weeks. Since Carole Radziwill and Bethenny Frankel made snarky comments about her country house, Dorinda is using this week’s blog to set the record straight.

“Richard and I bought our home before we were even married. It was sort of a wedding gift to us and a place we could really make our own. I shut the house down for almost three years and set it on a journey of restoration and renovation, mainly to restore it back to its 1904 glory. Richard basically gave me a paintbrush and a blank canvas and told me, “This is your canvas.. go for it.”

This house, and all of its memories, is very special to Dorinda.

“I wanted my home to be a sanctuary — a place I could go to, to escape. A place visitors could escape to and explore… Yes, it is unique and each room is different. I wanted people to feel that element of surprise when they walked into each room.”

Carole made fun of the house, stating it reminded her of the board game Clue.

“It’s set on 18 acres, so it really is like that far-off country house set back in the woods or on a hill with lots of rooms, a billiard room, a study, a music room, a porch, and a special surprise in every room. Isn’t that the kind of place we all dream of going to when we’re growing up?”

Both Bethenny and Carole behaved badly as they badgered the Countess, ruining the holiday party and insulting Dorinda on top of it.

“To be honest, I don’t think they had any intention of treating my house with respect. And don’t believe the excuse that my house brings out something negative in Bethenny. That’s ridiculous. I could use the excuse that the TWO times I visited Bethenny’s house…brought out the worst in ME, but that would just be a silly, pointless, infantile excuse.”

But Carole’s swipe hurt the most.

“As for Carole’s unfounded accusation that my house is filled with the Ghost of Richard…wow, I was shocked she said that. If nothing else, it is so so so hurtful. I have a beautiful picture of us on our wedding day in his office which sits proudly on his old writing desk. The rest of his belongings are in an attic that no one has ever gone into… I have never experienced anything negative or ghostly in my home, nor do I think her having her husband’s ashes in her apartment is weird or brings anything negative to her apartment’s “vibe.”

I don’t think Carole meant that literally, but obviously, that’s how Dorinda took it.

“Look, my home is mine through and through. It is filled with art, with books, with pillows and chairs, knickknacks and collectibles, sculptures, pianos, candles, and beautiful memories. But most of all, it’s filled with love… Whatever they feel about the “juju” that brings out those inner demons has nothing to do with someone’s home.”

Obviously, these comments about her house hit a nerve. But with all the other accusations flying around—about John’s inappropriate behavior and possible drug use or that Dorinda drinks too much—this is what flips her switch? Perhaps the home represents a better time in her life, when her beloved husband, Richard, was alive?

What’s your take? Is Blue Stone Manor tacky or merely eccentrically decorated? At least she has a kitchen. And her rooms aren’t littered with product placement. Nor is there a trail of dog poop scattered across the floor. 


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