Cameran, Whitney & Landon Talk ‘SouthernCharm’ Drama & Kathryn Dennis Failed Her Drug Test

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Tonight on Watch What Happens Live, Southern Charmed Ones, Cameran Eubanks, Whitney Suddler-Smith, and Landon Clements joined Andy Cohen in the clubhouse for a mini reunion. Whitney’s forehead moved ever so slightly in greeting. Jim Obergefell was nattily dressed and stood behind the bar.

We found out that Landon’s ex-husband was married to Stacey Dash. Andy called her stupid, but Landon said:

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that’s what makes America great. You don’t have to agree with them but… We have a good relationship now, and let’s try to keep it that way, Andy.”

We caught a clip of tonight’s show where Thomas Ravenel climbed out the window to avoid a fight with Kathryn Dennis. Landon said, “That’s how I feel whenever I’m around her. I just want to climb out the window.”

Next, Whitney shut down Craig Conover’s theory about having feelings for Kathryn. He jokingly gave this canned answer:

“I love her so much. I’ve been thinking about it and I want to adopt her and her kids. I want them to move in with me, maybe co-parent with Thomas.”

He admitted that they did have one night together. “Look, fun for TV, however there’s no truth in the matter. I wish her the best.” Andy pointed out that Whitney was very defensive about the entire situation.

“I was defensive, because number one, I was hammered on moonshine. And the absurdity struck me a little harder than it should have. So yes, I did overreact, but you know, these things happen.”

Then Cameran jumped in:

“I think Whitney feels like she just completely exaggerated their relationship.”

On tonight’s highlight clip, when Landon declared her love for Shep, he talked it over with his mom. He admitted that while Landon might fit in with his family, she can be a pitbull. Tonight’s poll question asked if Shep and Landon should get together.

Cameran said no, they shouldn’t be a couple.

“They’re too good of friends, and Shep loses interest too quickly. I don’t see it working. Sorry.”

Whitney agreed. “I say no. They might have sex, he’d be bored the next morning and it would be over.”

Landon shook her head, rattling her spaceship-sized earrings, and smiled through it all.

We got a sneak peek of next week’s Southern Charm. Landon and Kathryn have more to say to each other. Landon tries to squash the beef, claiming she and Thomas never hooked up. Kathryn doesn’t believe it for a moment.

Andy touched on Kathryn failing her drug test. Landon said,

“That is true and that’s all that we know. It’s heartbreaking. It’s hard to watch and be a part of, but you know, there we are.”

Why do the cast members forgive Thomas, but judge Kathryn and ice her out of the group?

Landon gave a smug smile and said, “He passed his drug test.”

Andy called her on it, noting their isolation of Kathryn long before she ever took the test. Whitney said:

“We’ve known about her behavior. Look, we’ve been pegged as kind of these kind of mean, snobby, exclusive people to this unwed…not unwed…but this poor helpless mother. In fact, she is a drug addict, violent sociopath. And we want nothing to do with her. It’s been way past two years. So if you see our behavior, if we want to disassociate, that is why.”

I have to take a minute to point out that while Kathryn isn’t mother of this year or any year, Thomas was charged with cocaine distribution and served a prison sentence. Granted, his test was clean this time, but I’m just saying, Thomas has his own issues. We saw that tonight. I pity the kids in all this, not the castmates, who knew what they were signing up for. 

A caller asked why everyone keeps questioning Thomas’s paternity of baby Julien. Cameran said, “I think that they’re his children. And I think that even if one of them were not his, he’d take responsibility for it.” Andy and Cameran agreed the baby looked like T-Rav.

Kathryn spent the evening tweeting, calling Cameran, Whitney, and Landon liars. She thought Landon and Thomas were crazy. She added that Landon was a psychotic freak.

Do Landon and Cameran feel that they’ve treated Kathryn unfairly this season? They both said no. Landon added:

“I don’t feel that…I…were old. We don’t care. I don’t want to be involved. They have a little saying in the south, if you lay down with dogs, you’re going to get up with fleas.”

Cameran agreed. “We don’t want to be dragged into issues.”

Another caller asked Landon if she and Thomas ever got together.

“No, we’ve never. We’re just good friends. I think that’s Kathryn’s biggest problem is because the friendship I have with Thomas is what she really longed for…it’s sad. I tried to be Kathryn’s friend, and she just, you know, wasn’t having it. We were friendly for a minute and then she turned on me. I don’t really know why.”

Cameran throws in:

Thomas is too loose-lipped. If they’d have really hooked up, he would have told somebody. That man cannot keep a secret.”

Shep arrived with a drink in his hand, wearing one of his trademark plaid shirts. Andy was happy to see him. They bonded for a moment over fly fishing.

Andy asked if Shep got weirded out after watching Landon talk about him this season. “Anybody who expresses love or hatred for me makes me uncomfortable.” Did Landon take her sister’s advice to make out with Shep? Nope. But they’ve kissed and petted before when Shep pulled her into a closet. (More than I needed to know, kids.)

When asked if Thomas and Kathryn will ever get back together, Shep said, “I think he has a bet with someone in his family that he never talks to her again.” Whitney said the sum was $100,000. Andy, rightly, pointed out that of course they have to speak. They’re raising kids together. Whitney qualified and said it pertained to getting back together.

Andy read more of Kathryn’s hateful tweets. Shep said:

“I like Kathryn. I’m sure she’s watching, I hope she is. But here’s where the problem lies. [She tweeted] ‘Writing me off the show’. What are you talking about? I don’t make any decisions. It’s a damn show. Don’t take it so seriously. I don’t.”

What does Shep’s dating life look like now? Well, he received a DM by a Victoria Secret model. So, he might get lucky tonight. Again, I don’t need to know these details, Shep.

The poll question agreed with the cast. 76% of voters thought Shep and Landon were better apart.

Kathryn is clearly unstable or very immature. Probably both. I think she should stay off social media and get her life together. What’s your take?


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