10 Most Shocking Reunion Reveals Of Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans

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Jenelle Evans faced Dr. Drew Pinsky in a Teen Mom 2 reunion sit-down, and the reality cast of characters spilled tons of backstory tea. Jenelle, her boyfriend du jour, David Eason, ex-lover and baby daddy, Nathan Griffith, and fan fave, Jenelle’s mom, Barbara Evans, dished about behind the scenes dirt, and what is happening now with the dysfunctional crew.

1..Jenelle wants MORE kids. Evans commented that she desires a third child, but had no idea how many more kiddos David sees in his future. Eason already has two children, as does Evans.

“I just want one more, I don’t know about him but….”

2. Nathan accused Jenelle of self harm and drug addiction, claiming that Evans once cut her wrists. He also alleged that Eason is an addict.

“My son is in an unstable environment with two drug addicts. You see weed in the background…smoking constantly…you are not capable of taking care of him [Kaiser].”

3. Jenelle accused Nathan of choking her, and slapping her face when she tried to awaken him out of a drunken sleep.

4. Nathan blasted Jenelle for cheating with Kieffer Delp, the star of the infamous “I seen ya with Kieffah” era. The memorable loser returned off-camera for bedroom romp, described by Babs as a “one night visit” with the MTV star. Jenelle gave us more dirt on the incident, and exposed Nathan for busting through a window at 4 am, catching the ex-couple  together. Nathan confirmed that the episode did occur.

“Should I show them a picture of you and Kieffer in bed? But I cheated on you? Ok,” said Griffith.

Barbara Evans claimed that Griffith attacked, and almost killed Delp.

“Nathan was so angry, he started choking Kieffer so bad that he almost killed him.”

5. Nathan busted Jenelle for being friends with David’s sister, as early as five months into her pregnancy with Kaiser, insinuating that she had been dishonest about the birth of her relationship with Eason.

6. Barbara accused Griffith of being a liar, and an alcoholic.

“He’s such a liar, and he’s an alcoholic. I would go to Jenelle’s house, and there would be a bottle of vodka, and he would be doing shots in the morning, noon, night — almost 24/7.”

7. Barbara claimed that Griffith abused Jenelle, even throughout her pregnancy.

“Even when she was pregnant with Kaiser, he was hurting her. He choked her, he was hurting her all the time.”

8. Prior to the MTV sit-down, Barbara and Jenelle had not seen each other for six months. Jenelle blamed the aired argument with Eason, but cited getting her mom drunk for a reconciliation dinner as a recent positive development. No one asked if Evans had also not seen Jace, for six months.

9. Jace has been diagnosed with ADHD, and is on medication, Vyvanse, which Barbara credited for salvaging his first grade year. Jenelle expressed addiction worries, but Dr. Drew played down her concern as unnecessary, at least until Jace’s teenage years.

10. David lost custody of his son because of a prison stint, which he claimed  was the result of a plea bargain gone wrong. He commented that he wanted Nathan and Kaiser to have a relationship, noting that such a bond is “very important.”  Apparently, his girlfriend never got the memo.

Drugs, and choking and Kieffah — OH MY. Never a dull moment, whenever Jenelle Evans is around.


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