Carole Radziwill Claims Luann de Lesseps Has Told Many Lies Over The Years #RHONY

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We can count on the Real Housewives of New York for a few things: ladies gonna drink — a lot — any trip is a bad idea, and Carole Radziwill will be pissed at Luann de Lesseps for eternity.

“…I had only spoken to Luann once in the past eight months (at Bethenny‘s BBQ), and it didn’t go very well. Never mind any sort of apology, she didn’t even appear sorry for anything she’d said and even repeated the same BS about Adam and I.”

Carole tells us she’s come to a resolution about Luann.

“…I don’t need Luann to apologize. I’ve already forgiven her, though I don’t want to spend much time with her. I quietly wanted her to accept that she said terrible things about a friend, learn the lesson, and try to be better. Like the rest of us try to do all the time. Why does she need Ramona to tell her what any eight year old would know?”

She tries to understand the Countess.

“She’s a decent woman trapped in an idea of who she should be. A lady who does this. A woman who likes that….She is well practiced at ignoring and or denying information that conflicts with her existing belief about herself. I am a girls-girl, I live by a girls-code. I don’t date younger men.”

And in her passive-aggressive Carole fashion, attempts to make some sense of her nemesis.

“She holds so many contradictory beliefs and values in her head that when she is confronted, she simply can’t reconcile them. I’m no shrink, but she appears to be suffering from severe cognitive dissonance disorder. When confronted about her own aggressive behavior with men she instead talks about Ramona’s behavior in Turks without mentioning her own -– she did bring home a married man. She did the same thing in St. Barts.”

And if Luann is lying, Carole reasons that maybe the Countess can’t help herself.

“Which is why when you see Luann’s lips moving, more often than not, she is not telling the truth. For the life of me I don’t know why she does it. No one does. Maybe years of covering up behavior that contradicts “the idea of her” she no longer knows the difference between truth and dishonesty?  She lies about things that don’t need lying about.”

Carole gives us a couple of instances. Like this:

“Most recently her dating history with that crazy drunk Reeeeyyyyy. Or whether or not she knew Ramona (and Sonja) had dated her new boyfriend (she did).”

And this:

“She even lied about saying she never implied she had a hand in Skinnygirl brand even though she had implied that just an hour earlier. And remember last year she couldn’t quite tell a coherent story of why she was so upset with me after we returned from Turks?”

Doesn’t sound like there’s much forgiveness going on, does it? This right here, this is the crux of Carole’s anger.

“When she says many times over the course of several episodes, “I apologized to Carole many times,” that too is a lie… It has been now nearly 10 months since Luann called me a bunch of sh–ty names… In all that time, she never texted, called, or reached out. I was upset but more at myself for trusting her as a friend. You can believe whomever you want. I don’t care.”

And then she holds up Bethenny as an example of how Luann should have behave. Erm…

Bethenny knows immediately that she said something to Luann that she is ashamed of saying and she apologizes. She doesn’t need someone to coach her through an insincere apology 10 months later. She called Luann a terrible name and the very same night she said she was sorry.”

So here’s my take, for what it’s worth. I think Luann was hungry for a storyline last season. She was desperate to keep her full-time apple status. And she was embarrassed at being called out for bringing a random home on their vacay. Yes, Luann should have apologized sooner. And Carole should realize she’s on a reality show where ugly things are said in the heat of the moment. And then you go back to work with your costars like nothing ever happened. That is the unwritten Housewives rule.

After all, how many times has Ramona spouted off? Yet everyone forgives her. Bethenny brings that mouth to every episode, and all is forgotten. Frankly, I’m tired of hearing about this squabble. Move on, Carole. Move. On.

So what’s your take on the situation? Should Carole drop it already? Or is she right to still hold a grudge against Luann?


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