‘Sister Wives’ Spoilers: The Browns Celebrate Kody’s Hair’s Greatest Hits

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Kody Brown hair_Sister Wives

Another movie length version of Sister Wives airs tonight — two more hours of romping through polygamy. TLC is offering a quirky preview clip, honoring Kody’s shaggy coif.

We are treated to a montage of Kody’s hair’s greatest hits, accompanied by a whimsical, happy song. Kody’s hair flips, flops, bounces and blows, in the nonsensical filler piece. The Browns sit in a row, like they are at an Oscar worthy hit of the season, chortling over the mane-memories. The gals decide to add a bonus nugget, and disclose the most scandalous hair dish since Hunter’s achy-breaky mullet busted onto the scene. Kody tells the harrowing tale of arriving in Vegas, after fleeing from the boogeyman in  Utah, noting “duress and struggle” as triggers to a disastrous haircut experience. The solution was to utilize raggedy hair extensions, to fill in the unacceptable botch job. The clip wraps with the Brown Five, reliving the hideously hilarious flashback, in forced giggles.

In other news, TLC changed their Facebook header photo, into a one that reveals the Browns, frolicking like one big rockin’ harem.

Sister Wives New Banner

Not surprisingly, Kody and the very round Robyn, are wearing matching  tops. Robyn looks appropriately side eye-wary of her showboating husband, and Janelle and Mare look like they would rather check out the camera guy. Christine is…well, Christine. The rascally hijinks continue, behind the snarky TLC curtain.

Tonight we will watch Meri summon the family for a big announcement. The snippets look dramatic, but I’m not falling for it. What do you think the announcement could be? Creative license is encouraged!

Tune into Sister Wives, tonight at 8:00 pm ET.


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