Sonja Morgan Feels Dorinda Medley Is At The Center Of The Drama! #RHONY

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As per yush, Sonja Morgan’s Real Housewives of New York blog is all over the place. While the other ladies are in the Berkshires, suffering PTSD from Bethenny’s never-ending rant, Sonja is alone. Unless you count her interns, that is.

“Like I couldn’t play a game of twister with Dorinda and Jules? That would have been fun! I miss heart to hearts with Carole too.”

She blames her disinvite on Dorinda’s insensitivity.

“Now you know it was all disingenuine [sic], the “concern” for me, or they would have had me near. Dorinda saying she wanted a weekend bringing out the best in each other is so fake again. She knows us by now, and she loves being in the center of the drama.”

All the other parents are sending care packages up to boarding school, cheering their kids through finals, one snack at a time. So Sonja decides to deliver her own care package comprised of a few energy bars, a charging cable, and makeup wipes.

“So nice to have Cesar to help me pack a care package for my daughter. He’s loyal and has always been there for me… He is a complete joy that wouldn’t cross me for a dollar or to get his face on camera. Some people would run you off the red carpet.”

Sonja is so clueless, it doesn’t occur to her to box up a bunch of decent goodies for her daughter. Like a hoarder, she just scrounges around the house. Or maybe she can’t afford to go pick up a few Luna bars and a handful of magazines? This is the problem I have with Sonja: she half-asses her way through life. She’s one part ditzy fun and one part tragic figure, trying to live out her days as if she’s still married to a millionaire, when really, she can’t even afford to even turn on the heat.

But Sonja’s more upset about the ladies gossiping about her than she is about the ruins of Morgan Manor. First, someone is spreading rumors about Luann’s love life.

Luann did tell everyone she dated a bunch. That’s why I was repeating it by saying she was dating 60/11 guys. I loved the way she was owning it, and I was sorta bragging about it. It was refreshing. BTW I never said Lu was bringing guys back to the house. Not sure where that rumor started. Probably Ramona put that in Bethenny‘s ear…”

And Ramona shouldn’t worry about the one night stands Sonja brings home either.

“So ridiculous this business coming from Ramona about being scared about who I bring home. Don’t even get me going about who she brings home. Believe me she doesn’t have to be worried about Luann taking them from her.”

At Ramona’s holiday party—which looked so empty and lifeless compared to her parties with Mario—she and Lu try to get Sonja to grovel at Bethenny’s feet.

“…I have Lu and Ramona meddling after not having me in the country… Why didn’t they say Bethenny left because of the drama with Lu?! That she was wiped out from that and didn’t want to go at it again. Once again they are claiming concern and protection.”

Again, Sonja is misreading the undercurrents of what’s going on. Bethenny was wrung out like a limp rag after gutting Luann in the Berkshires. She simply doesn’t have the energy to eviscerate Sonja, too.

And Sonja’s most upset that the ladies are dissing her businesses.

Luann is drinking the Kool-Aid listening to the girls who are being fed by Ramona about my businesses. Ramona  made a derogatory comment about my fashion collection on Watch What Happens Live… Now Lu says when crying to the girls in the Berkshires about me that my businesses aren’t doing well! I’m just starting up. It takes years in the fashion business if you even survive.”

I do wish Sonja well, but I can’t help but think she’s kind of delusional. However, she did manage to get a runway show together last season. I hope she proves me wrong and is on her way back up.

So are the ladies turning on Sonja? Is it just me or is it sad to see her in the big, old, rundown house, hiding the last of the energy bars and hoarding her ramen noodles?


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