Javi Marroquin Calls Out Kailyn Lowry Over Cheating Claims Amid Her New Relationship #TeenMom2

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Teen Mom 2 stars, Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry are yet again airing their dirty laundry for all of us to see and hear.

Last month, Kailyn confirmed she was divorcing Javi after nearly four years of marriage and persistent rumors of him being with another woman and her lack of desire to have more children. But now we’re hearing that Javi is gearing up for a custody battle and he hasn’t even returned home yet from deployment.

The couple have one son together, 2 year-old, Lincoln, and prior to deployment, Javi helped raise Kail’s other son, Isaac, who is now 6, that she has with ex Jo Rivera.

An insider told Life & Style, “Kailyn is trying to get custody of two-year old Lincoln,” and that she “plans to tell the court she believes Javi is a cheater and she has been the one fully taking care of their son while he’s been away.”

And though that may be true, Javi sees it differently. “Javi thinks he deserves full custody.”

But here’s something Kail should worry about. According to the source, Lincoln isn’t the only child Javi plans to battle over. He wants partial custody of Isaac!

The source revealed that Javi “spent the past three years helping co-parent Isaac and he thinks he deserves partial custody of him.” Adding that, “He’s ready to fight.”

Tell us what you think. Does Javi have a case or is he just trying to scare Kailyn?



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