Bethenny Frankel Throws Shade At Luann’s Fiance & Businesses On Social Media

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Bethenny Frankel is keeping the hits coming, as conflict played out on The Real Housewives of New York, bleeds onto the social media stage.

Viewers witnessed Frankel’s verbal bludgeoning of Luann de Lesseps on the show, branding her co-star a hypocritical, man-stealing slut. Luann responded to the episodes with an interview, calmly labeling Bethenny a hypocrite, who sleeps with married men. Luann is happily engaged to Thomas D’Agostino, which apparently doesn’t sit well with the Skinnygirl mogul.

Bethenny blasted Luann for prying Tom out of Ramona’s romantic clutches, and is now poking at him on Twitter. Tom was filmed during Season 1, bantering with Ramona and some girlfriends at a bar. This discovery triggered a social media “WOW” from Bethenny.

The immature smirk comes on the heels of released photos, revealing Frankel cozying up to the husband of a girlfriend of over two decades. Maybe a change of subject was in order, to distract from the social media firestorm, blasting Frankel’s blatant hypocrisy. 

Frankel noted when she first laid into Luann, that she “saw red” due to some “passive aggressive” action toward her business. Interesting choice of words, because Frankel’s game has been just that, both on the latest episode of the show, and on Twitter, post-episode. Frankel crossed the line twice on the show, snarking obnoxiously about Luann’s etiquette book, Class With the Countess: How to Live with Elegance and Flair.   

“ wrote a book on etiquette which is the most comical thing,” Bethenny ranted during the episode. She later reenacted her nastiness to her faithful nag, Carole, snarking, “You [Luann] plagiarized your entire fu*king book.”

Luann wore an attention-grabbing lace jumpsuit to a filmed party, and noted it to be a piece from her collection. Bethenny mercilessly blasted her fashion sense on Twitter, once during the episode, and again the next day.

Luann is not a booze turned grocery tycoon, but a business is a business. Bethenny flattens anyone whom she determines is “passive aggressively” shading her business, but does the same to others, without blinking. Perhaps Luann overstepped into the Bravo Skinnygirl hour, by daring to whisper “my collection,” during filming. Luann rises above the nasty noise, and despite Bethenny’s brutal character assault, keeps it classy. After all, she wrote the book.


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