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6 Nightmares Inside ‘Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown’s Dangerous Home Birth

All About the Tea Recap Photos_Sister Wives Season 7

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All About the Tea Recap Photos_Sister Wives Season 7

Fans got a crotch-side view of Sister Wives star, Robyn Brown, giving birth to Kody Brown’s 18th child. The birth episode aired on Sunday, and fans are sounding off on social media, after watching a home birth almost end in disaster. Viewers are blasting the TLC spectacle—and for good reasons.

1. Unsanitary Environment

A home birth is one thing—but to see a baby delivered into a cluttered, junk filled room was disturbing. Viewers saw random household debris littering the surfaces of the bedroom, indicating  that little cleaning had taken place. Why weren’t surfaces cleared and the environment disinfected? Midwife April did not even tie her hair back, even while inches away from Robyn’s still pelvis-jammed baby. April wore her birthing gloves, as she puttered around the room, post-delivery. The highlighted and tacky love poster of Kody and Robyn, also polluted the space.

All About the Tea Recap Photos_Sister Wives Season 7

2. Broken Bone

A complication called Shoulder Dystocia, occurred during Ariella’s birth. The large baby’s shoulders were stuck, and in a downplayed emergency procedure, April freed the baby, breaking her clavicle in the pressured  delivery. TLC and the Browns shrugged off the complication, but the situation was dicey, and could have been catastrophic. April declared the freshly delivered newborn “pink, breathing and great.” Viewers witnessed a blue-gray newborn, not pink nor healthy looking. No ambulance or expert backup care was called during the delivery crisis, or to examine the baby or the surely torn-up mother. There was no offer or evident availability of supplemental oxygen for Robyn or the baby. Did Ariella even see a pediatrician—ever? April assumed all responsibility for the well-being of a baby and a mother who probably needed far greater post-delivery medical expertise. Hopefully, the duo received further care, even if it was off-camera, sparing April’s quasi-medical ego, and esteemed midwife rep.

All About the Tea Recap Photos_Sister Wives Season 7

3. Hush Hush

Kody’s obnoxious explanation for Robyn’s quiet, though tortured demeanor smacked of domineering, patriarchal nonsense. Kody credited Robyn’s wreck of a mother for advising her daughter to remain “ladylike, reserved and calm” during labor, “no matter how much pain.” Naturally, Robyn’s mother was a second wife, in a polygamous marriage. Kody lectured that such vocal release interrupts and thwarts labor. My guess is that such intrusive expression is a discomfort for the father. A woman freely expressing herself though the most primal of female experiences, is likely discouraged. Robyn was a miserable mess, but remained obediently demure.

4. The Cord

Ariella’s cord-cutting was made into a family event, in a strange exhibitionist display. Four-year-old Solomon was clearly disturbed by the visual, but the snipping ceremony was shoved into his face anyway. Viewers will remember that Robyn recently spoke of Sol’s scared and weepy nighttime episodes, and the child’s struggle with insecurity issues. There’s nothing like hacking a gray gnarly rope attached to your long-awaited sissy,  to soothe those preschool nerves! Kody admitted that Sol was “very concerned” about the process—which likely means that the poor kid was scared silly.

6 Nightmares Inside 'Sister Wives' Robyn Brown's Dangerous Home Birth

6 Nightmares Inside 'Sister Wives' Robyn Brown's Dangerous Home Birth

6 Nightmares Inside 'Sister Wives' Robyn Brown's Dangerous Home Birth

5. Too Much Love

The family was allowed free reign, almost immediately after the birth. Robyn’s stepfather made sure he was front and center for the intimate fireworks, in a creepy twist. The babe was barely out of the womb when family flooded into the room, all invited to paw their new baby sister. The family assured us that they adopted stringent cleanliness standards—-after the night of Ariella’s birth. We witnessed joyous family excitement, but no hand washing, and no careful attention to the vulnerable immune state of a newborn. Ariella had a broken clavicle, but was passed around a dozen times, despite her tender shoulder and arm. Ariella’s official initiation into the Brown’s inner-sanctum was likely a painful, and definitely a grubby one.

All About the Tea Recap Photos_Sister Wives Season 7

6. Robyn’s Intuition

Robyn made reference to “feeling off,” and that her with-child intuition was off the charts, pointing to a problematic delivery. Robyn tried to downplay her post-delivery horror on the TLC sofa, explaining away her feeling of dread as just an indicator of a “more difficult” delivery. However, her tears told the real story. Robyn KNEW that a dire situation had just occurred, and her mind has probably replayed the disastrous horror that they managed to dodge, more than once.  Her post-trauma speech is just another example of the glossed-over half-truths that have become the norm on the Brown compound.

Fans have been sounding off on Twitter, since the episode aired.

Just another day on the cult-de-sac. The forced plural family frolic is meant to distract viewers from an increasingly disturbing undercurrent, as TLC continues to capture the Brown’s reality.  It’s not working.


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