Jenelle Evans Plays Victim After Nathan Blasts Her Weight Gain—READ Jenelle’s Own Fat Shaming History HERE! #TeenMom2

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Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith sit in the MTV hot seats this week, as Teen Mom 2 enters the final phase of the season.

Dr. Drew Pinsky coaches  the young parents, as they discuss their struggle to co-parent their young son, Kaiser, airing their grievances to the MTV audience. The couple expectedly snipes back and forth, and the clip ends with Nathan jabbing  about Jenelle’s evident weight gain. Nathan responds to Evans baiting him  about an alleged lingering romantic interest, then commits what MTV coins “a cardinal sin.”

“I don’t want you to be with me. How many pounds do you think you’ve gained—like 30 or 40 pounds?” Nathan comments.

GASP! Not surprisingly, we have heard far worse from both of these MTV-ers, and Jenelle is no stranger to throwing out fat barbs, left and right. Take a look at just a sampling of Evans using such nasty language over and over, on Twitter.

watermarked_Jenelle attacks fat ppl _TM2

watermarked_Jenelle Evans attacks fat ppl on Twitter

watermarked-Jenelle Evans attacking on Twitter_Teen Mom 2

Nathan and Jenelle have never had a relationship where words are carefully and sensitively chosen, so to skewer Griffith for such a comment is unreasonable. If it’s fair to slam Griffith for “fat-shaming” his ex, then Jenelle deserves the same treatment, many times over. This sort of insensitive dialogue is nothing new to this train wreck of a couple.

Watch Jenelle play the shamed victim, this Monday, on MTV.


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