Luann de Lesseps Slams Bethenny Frankel In Scathing Interview For Dating A Married Man! “She’s The Hypocrite”

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Luann de Lesseps’ reputation was the target of Bethenny Frankel’s wrath during the the last two episodes of The Real Housewives of New York.

The frenemy drama is now spilling over into real time. As reported, Bethenny Frankel was caught in Manhattan on Tuesday, cozying up to a married man. Luann noted her co-star’s blatant hypocrisy in a revealing interview with E! News.

“She calls me a hypocrite, but really she’s the hypocrite because I’m getting married. I’m engaged. And Bethenny’s still trying to get a divorce,” Luann said. “She was in The Daily Mail today. She’s dating married men, not me.”

The countess is referring to published photos of Bethenny holding hands with fat cat, Dennis Shields, the executive chairman of Esquire Bank. Shields is separated from wife, Jill, but the timeline and exactly what caused the split is unclear. Bethenny has been friends with Jill Shields for over two decades. Bethenny responded to the interview, via Twitter.

Frankel has been entrenched in a messy divorce with husband, Jason Hoppy, since 2013. Luann also responded to all of the chattering about her fiancee, Thomas D’Agostino Jr.’s history with Ramona Singer.

“Ramona would’ve loved to date Tom. Ramona is a friend of Tom’s. They went out a couple of times for dinner, and there was no interest there,” the countess told E! News. “So when Ramona says, ‘I dated Tom’ and ‘You stole Tom,’ she has been trying to date Tom, and the truth is Tom and I, since we’ve met, have been inseparable. You know, he’s been getting texts from Ramona when I first met him. And so they’re friends. They’re not dating.”

Luann appears to have landed a popular guy amongst the ladies.

“Lots of girls have a thing for Tom,” Luann said. “Tom is a great guy, and I feel really lucky because we were both single, we were both dating, but we met each other and we finally met our match. So it’s super exciting.”

Luann is in love, and having the time of her life. She assures her audience that none of the cast venom will affect her outlook.

“So nothing these women can say can ruin my happiness with Tom,” Luann  said. “I’m getting married, and it feels great, after being married once, getting married a second time around and finding love again is awesome. And nobody can ruin that for me.”

You GO Luann!! There is no better revenge than true love and happiness.


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